Added a product review for Crank Brothers Acid 1 Clipless Pedal 7/10/2012 4:08 PM

Rubbish Pedals


The Good: mud shedding, good clip in/clip out feel, looks

The Bad: Durability, quality


Lasted 3 months, thenbarrings disintegrated and fall out. got a new pair under warranty, 4 months later same thing happened. Got time pedals now, way better...

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Added a product review for 2013 Giant Reign 2 Bike 7/10/2012 4:04 PM

Very fun bike


The Good: Light (13.4kg w/pedals), handles like a dream, if you really push it you'll find that the front and rear tires loose traction at the same time allowing for some fun two wheel drift. Corners well and suspension works well.

The Bad: Press fit BB, no chain guide mount tabs, rear shock is too linear for my liking, stock narrow bars.


I'm 170cm and brought a small, if your around that hight, I would probably go for a medium, unless, like me, you enjoy a small bike. I have upgraded the forks to talas to make steep climbs easier, but the standard forks feel awesome too. Running ~20% sag still bottoms out hard on 1m drops. Fixed this by putting grease in the shock air spring to decrease the air volume creating a more progressive feel. You can also buy spacers from fox that do the same thing. I would like to go 1x10 but the lack of chainguide tabs and the press fit bb makes that difficult. I havent had much joy with the press fit bb, it sezed after 5 months. This bike has its issues, however they arecompletely overshadowed by its handling and performance.

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Added a product review for TIME Z Clipless Pedal 7/10/2012 3:47 PM



The Good: Strong, reliable, easy to clip in & unclip, don't unexpectedly unclip, shed mud well, cheaper than crank brother crap.

The Bad: Maybe a bit heavy


After having owned crank brother pedals in the past 3 years, these were head and shoulders above those in terms of reliability and durability. Very similar clip feel to CB.

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