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No words can describe how fugly this is. Especially after a muddy ride...

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Hey Tim, shoot me an email. Sent addy via PM - We like to know about these things so we can eliminate them in the future. You can help us help you! Plus, you might get some bearings. With grease!

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I'm not going to pretend I probably wouldn't eat shit on that one drop into a turn myself... but it looked like a lot of those guys have no idea, whatsoever, how to ride terrain like that.

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no 26. thanks Evil, you are truly Evil indeed...

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How about teaching skills to riders instead of creating more future landfill? This is absolute rubbish. If you can't modulate your brakes, practice practice practice.

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Aaron gwin 2:37:55
Rachel Atherton 3:01:79

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Also - this much effort to just ride a bicycle will decrease interest in Full Suspension riding, increase full rigid bike sales, and return to the (a) core of MTB. Then the carbon footprint of manufacturing a Bicycle may shrink enough to reel in costs to palatable...more

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Thanks Vital and CB for this! First time I win anything, super happy now.
Let me also thank for the riders and photographers of this contest, as they put a lot of effort and hard work to make these pictures happen. Great job guys, keep them coming!

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They should rename it "IIRC" for If I Remember Correctly which of the 10 positions I need it in.

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Aaron Gwin 2:59:47
Tracy Hannah 3:21:78

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dizzmcfuck, you're worthless. You can't root for anyone else? So sad out of all the rad results, from Remi's 2nd place, to Neko's great start to the season and one of my favorite's, crazy Mike Jone's top 10, you've got to focus on a negative, and wish ill upon a rider's luck tomorrow? You've...more