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It warms my heart to see him not in a Leatt abortion helmet.

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(Scrolling through pics) Maybe there is at least one color I'll like?

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THIS is real mountain biking.

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No words can describe how fugly this is. Especially after a muddy ride...

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Hey Tim, shoot me an email. Sent addy via PM - We like to know about these things so we can eliminate them in the future. You can help us help you! Plus, you might get some bearings. With grease!

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I'm not going to pretend I probably wouldn't eat shit on that one drop into a turn myself... but it looked like a lot of those guys have no idea, whatsoever, how to ride terrain like that.

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no 26. thanks Evil, you are truly Evil indeed...

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How about teaching skills to riders instead of creating more future landfill? This is absolute rubbish. If you can't modulate your brakes, practice practice practice.

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Aaron gwin 2:37:55
Rachel Atherton 3:01:79

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Also - this much effort to just ride a bicycle will decrease interest in Full Suspension riding, increase full rigid bike sales, and return to the (a) core of MTB. Then the carbon footprint of manufacturing a Bicycle may shrink enough to reel in costs to palatable...more

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