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where'd you learn to ride like that?? Ohio?? :-)

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Hey guys, some of you might know that I've really increased my involvement with Mavic this past year. Aside from switching to their apparel I'm also running their tires and doing some community management . As a community manager it basically means I'm here to answer any questions you might have about the brand. Here's a few things about the new wheels. Like rocnriderrider pointed out, the front rim is basically a Crossmax SX and the rear an ST if you've ridden either of these wheels before they will be fairly familiar, if you ride 27.5 it's a totally new product. The big difference is the lacing pattern and spoke profiles which give the wheels a different feel, also the wide front skinny back set up is what a lot of the athletes were using last year, so now you can get that set up without buying two sets of wheels. A set of Crossmax SX cost $900 bucks so considering the new wheels are a hundred more but include tires, it's a good deal. I've tested the tires and they're a great versatile design, the compountds and casinfgs were chosen to work ideally with this rim set up, but every race track is different so fortunately they don't require any type of special tire. Hope that info helps.

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