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Added a product review for Michelin Wild Rock'R2 Advanced Reinforced Tire 2/23/2014 8:25 PM

impressive tyres!


The Good: Grip and fast rolling

The Bad: scoops sand


I got the 26 2.35 Magi X for front and Gum X for rear.

At first, i thought this is a heavy pair of tyres. Almost 2KG as per the weight indicated by the packaging. Magi- X really feels sticky and the Gum-X somewhat sticky in texture.Took it for a ride yesterday and I'm really impressed. If was rolling fast and grippy on the trail. Never had been confident using my last tyres. The traction is great. I felt more control over my bike.The only thing that annoyed me was the sand that gets scooped up. Well, too much grip i'd say but I can live with it.

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