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Ive been looking for the weight on these things, anyone know?

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Back to their fine form


The Good: Low maintenance simple axle plush feel

The Bad: direct mount compatibility (i think they have changed for 2012 to boxxer style)

Overall: had the original 04 888s and loved them, then went to and been on Boxxer till i got the 2010 888rc3 evo Ti. Im 100% never ever EVER going back to a Boxxer fork. I live in Whistler riding and racing as much as possible. I ride a lot and can happily say my 888s out preform my Boxxers and require little to no maintenance. 1-2 rebuilds each season compared to a rebuild every 2nd week on the Boxxer. People need to loose the old stigma of the Marzocchi problems of previous years. My 'new and improved' 2010 Boxxer team came with no oil, warranty return, rebound cartridge seized, warranty return, seized again, return, arched snapped on a crank it up berm, warranty return, then got rid of them thank god. Now after 2 full Whistler seasons on the 888 they still feel like new

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i had the 04 888r when they 1st came out and they were awesome. then made the mistake of running boxxers both older and the newer versions, constant warranty issues, constant rebuilds and seals. the last thing you want for a whistler bike. after all the problems marzocchi have had in the past i was hesitant about the 2010 888rc3ti but a couple of mates said they were back in form. iv had my 2010 888rc3ti for 2 whistler summers now riding/racing a hell of a lot. they feel and preform better and you dont have to touch them! still on the same seals never leaked and have done 3 oil changes over 2 bike park seasons. ask anyone on them to compare them to boxxers and i bet you they say they will never go back to boxxers!

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getting back into riding after breaking my wrist. blueberry trail whistler rider jared wilson

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