Added a product review for SRAM PC-951 9SP Chain 6/29/2012 11:56 AM

nothing wrong with it!


The Good: price durability powerlink

The Bad: nothing in my opinion!


well what can i say, this chain lasts a seriously long time and makes me wonder why people spend more on a chain. awesome for the price and powerlinks make taking it off so easy

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Added a product review for Shimano XT Disc Brake M785 6/29/2012 11:52 AM

amazing brakes!


The Good: price quality looks power modulation ceramic pistons lever feel

The Bad: cooling fins are useless 90% of the time


wow! very impressive braking system. really powerful even with 180mm rotors and they feel so good.

factory bleed was great and is still lasting well. the modulation and overall feel is better than anything i've tried. they are sharp but you can still dab them and they don't lock up straigh away. you can always bleed them to your perferance. speaking of bleeding, this is very easily done as with any shimano brake and takes no time at all.

problem i find with a lot of brakes is the pistons seize up. so shimano nw have ceramic pistons which means a reduced risk of seizing up and lighter action. all that and the brakes are priced very well and made to a high quality. a little bit heavier than the xtr but that's about the only difference ( xtr also have a one piece calliper and slimmer lever body).

i reccomend these to anyone even for dh bikes if you can't quite strecth your budget to get some saints

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Added a product review for SDG Aliso Cro-Mo Saddle 6/29/2012 11:44 AM

pretty good especially for the price


The Good: price durability

The Bad: rail popped out from a light crash not that comfortable bulky


for the price it's a decent saddle but i don't really like it. i had a crash and hit a tree quite lightly at a fairly low speed and one of the rails popped out. trying to get it back in was really difficult and now the saddle is not quite perfect. also, i don't find it that comfortable which may be due to the shape rather than the padding.

however, the kevlar sides mean the saddle won't rip if you crash which i like as it's something that happens to most saddles. also it's a great price for a saddle from SDG

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Added a product review for Chromag Fubar OSX Handlebar 6/29/2012 11:37 AM

great handlebar


The Good: looks weight feel shape durability

The Bad: price - but you pay for what you get


had these for a while now and they are awesome! really suit me and got them because they felt nice on my friend's bike.

they look amazing and come in various colours to suit any build. the finish is high quality and won't come off that easily compared to most bars. mine have a few marks from crashes as expected.

they are also pretty light but are quite expensive, but in my opinion this is the bar to get if you want to ride anything from dirt jumps to DH

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