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Morewood Makulu


The Good: The bike tracks the ground better than anything else out there. It is great through berms, jumps, rock gardens, and corners. It absorbs small bumps and big drops with ease.

The Bad: Finding the proper spring can be a bit tough for lighter riders.

Overall: Before picking up the 2011 Morewood Makulu, I was previously riding a 2008 Morewood Izimu. Even though the Makulu is considered a single-pivot, it is quite a different beast than the Izimu. Out of the box, the frame looks amazing. The sleek decals are perfect for this downhill race steed. The BB and head tube come faced, something that has come to be expected with a frame of this caliber, but it's still nice to see. Setting the bike up is a breeze. It uses a 150mm rear axle and a 83mm bb which is standard for this type of frame. It also uses a tapered head tube. One issue I came across was the spring rate. On this frame, the spring rate you use is slightly greater than the rider weight. This makes finding the proper spring a bit difficult for lighter riders. DSP makes them in small batches so they aren't impossible to find, but there is a wait. However, I was told that lower spring rates are becoming more common and should catch on. My maiden voyage on the Makulu was at Seven Springs Bike Park in Pennsylvania. The first thing I noticed on this bike is how well it tracks the ground. Even after spending some time on it, it still blows me away. The amazing traction helps you rail through berms and eat up rock gardens. I was a bit worried about how if would feel through the jumpy sections of trails, but it didn't disappoint. In order to achieve the ideal suspension, Morewood recommends running 50% sag on the Makulu. This might concern some people at first, but the linkage really helps keep the Makulu from blowing through the travel. The bike handles drops and big hits really well. It gave me the confidence to land drops lower than I ever dared to on my Izimu. When it comes time to crank up the Makulu, it responds quite well. It pedals efficiently and is very stable at high speeds. Braking forces are also handled well by the Makulu. I am the type of rider who always likes to tinker with my bikes. I am always changing parts and trying different frames. I must say that after riding the Makulu I am 100% satisfied with it. I am now considering selling my SX trail frame for the Makulu's little brother, the Kalula. The current Morewood dealer in the U.S. is a great guy to deal with. He shipped the frame quickly and answers my questions in a flash. I haven't had any issues with the frame yet, but should anything come up I know that the customer service is top notch. If you are looking for a top of the line downhill race frame, the Makulu might be the best decision you can make.

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