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:21. WTH Ratty! So sick.

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"you not gonna sing bro?"
hahahahahaha this guy is a legend

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This just in- at least two parking spaces just opened up at Ibis HQ.... Can we kill this joke now?

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I thought of the exact same thing, NORBA Nationals. That was the year I showed up without any accommodations, thinking I could crash with Joey. He was like, "yeah, sorry dude, I'm getting laid tonight." So I slept in the back of his truck in the condo parking lot like a hobo. Also, I thought I could just show up and compete in trials, and NORBA was like, "yeah, sorry dude, registration closed like a month ago". Oh, and JJ Gregorovich was there, and I was like, "hey, JJ, what's up man!" and he was like, "yeah, sorry dude, don't talk to me."

All in all, that was an awesome trip.

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TC: "According to my calculations, I just won me a new set of wheels man..........." hey McCaul, give me the bike!
CM: F#%k you I won't do what ya tell me!

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You mean like when golf.com announces who won the Masters 30 seconds after the final putt drops? Or like when the newscaster opens with "Nadal wins US Open for 13th grand slam title"? Or other such complete amateur BS moves aka reporting the news? of course there should be a live webcast of your favorite sport, and then, if you happen to be working that day, of course nobody should report shit until YOU'RE done watching your replay. maybe they should look into shutting down the internet until you're ready. whiner.

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Liked a comment about press release Interactive Red Bull Rampage Puts Fans in Control 9/27/2013 12:30 AM

In addition to the online experience, fans can tune in on December 21st to the broadcast of Red Bull Rampage on NBC at 2:30 pm ET, presented by Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE and brought to you in partnership with Dodge Dart, GoPro, the Utah Sports Commission, Specialized and Oakley.

........brought to you by Carl's Jr.

So what happens when I vote? It sounds like the same thing that happened last year. I voted, told my dog sitting on the couch with me that norbs was robbed. And then norbs continued getting robbed. I have a feeling norbs is still going to get robbed even though I can click a box on the innernet in 2013.

Don't do it Norbs!! It's a trap!!

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man, i don't know what it is w/ all the marketing conspiracy lately, but the filmer showed me these clips months ago, before the giant video came out and i thought they were rad. i thought vital viewers would be stoked on them, so i asked if vital could run the clips in this format. the clips were not pushed on vital by any brand. that's it, that's all.

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Liked a comment about news blog RESULTS: Aaron Gwin, Jill Kintner Earn 2013 U.S. National Championship Downhill Victories 8/5/2013 11:59 AM

gravity pirates, where you there?

if so you would have been aware at the complete lack of organization throughout the event and the lack of cell phone and internet service at the venue, etc.

photos of results were posted to Vital before any news his USAC website. As of 6 pm last night they had yet to post proper results on site. USAC may have had them for their own updates but they did not share, and there was ZERO regard given to getting this info to the media.

There are lots of photos and interviews coming, have some patience. It will be better coverage than you will find anywhere on the internet. The event ran hours behind schedule, we all have long drives home, then have photos to process, audio files to sort and cations to write to tell a story... This does not simply just happen immediately, it takes time and HARD WORK.

I fail to see how Vital or any media outlet can should accept any responsibility for the poor turnout. The state of USAC sanctioned races, their poor product, and poor turnout are the sole fault of USAC.

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