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New thread Loic Bruni Breaks Collarbone, Will Miss Several Races 5/25/2016 3:36 AM

We've just had a quick chat with Loic Bruni, and we're sad to report that he took a nasty crash while out on his enduro bike with Finn Iles and Loris Vergier, resulting in a concussion (accompanied by a brain lesion with some bleeding!) and ... more »

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New thread Cannondale Proto Enduro Bike Spotted 5/9/2016 7:46 AM

Jerome Clementz just won the 2nd round of the British Enduro series, but even more interestingly, he did so aboard a Cannondale proto that does away with the pull-shock configuration in favor of a more classic configuration around a traditional shock

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New thread MTB Ban Implemented Based on Strava Speeds 5/5/2016 3:03 AM

The city of Los Altos, CA has implemented a ban on mountain bikes in the Byrne Reserve following complaints by other user groups. It seems that speeds recorded on Strava helped the council reach its decision: “I’m done with this as far as I’m concerned,” Councilman John Radford said. “The speed numbers

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New thread Did You Ever Jump Your Age In Feet? In Meters? 3/30/2016 1:37 AM

Jumping your age in feet can seem trivial to some, but depending on when you got into MTB, it could be a proper old challenge. Say you started riding at 30, you're now staring at 30+ feet to join this somewhat illusive club - and it only gets longer

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New thread AutoShock - Linking Your Dropper To Your Shock 3/19/2016 11:25 AM

We spotted this interesting device out in the wild today...all we know is that it links your shock's lockout or climb mode switch to your dropper post. When you drop your post, the shock opens, and when you raise your post, the shock locks out. The inventor

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New thread 2016 World Cup Fantasy Vital MTB Mini-League 3/18/2016 12:25 PM

It's almost time to go racing again! And even better news, after a brief hiatus for the 2015 season, Dirt's rad Fantasy League is back for 2016! As a team manager, pick your riders wisely and watch them score points in each round. Make sure you stay ... more »

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New thread Wait What? A Compressor on the Wheel? 3/17/2016 4:40 AM

Genius or madness? We're not really sold on the idea of mounting a compressor to our front wheel, but the portable aircan thing could be a viable replacement for the pump in your pack, if you charge it at home. What do you think?

More info ... more »

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New thread US To Raise De Minimis Level for Import Taxes 3/9/2016 8:04 AM

Back in February of this year, US President Barack Obama signed a bill that aims to simplify import and export of goods to and from the US. Perhaps the most interesting issue for us in the bicycle industry is the increase in the de minimis value for

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New thread Wiggle To Acquire Chain Reaction Cycles 2/10/2016 5:35 AM

UPDATE: A couple of days after the first reports surfaced, today we can confirm: Online retailer Wiggle is set to purchase competitor Chain Reaction Cycles, and the deal has now been signed. The two companies together are worth more than £300m. ... more »

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New thread Which Component Do You Drop First? 2/4/2016 9:07 AM

OK, so imagine you HAVE to remove or downgrade one of the following components or component groups on your current all-mountain bike. Which one is it? Vote and tell us why! {poll:256}

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New thread Belgian Rider Found with Hidden Motor at CX Worlds 1/31/2016 11:05 AM

After much speculation on the subject, the day has come: a professional rider has been found in possession of a bike subjected to "motorized doping", i.e. featuring a concealed motor in the frame. The incident occurred at yesterday's Cyclocross ... more »

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New thread The Drones Are Coming 1/26/2016 12:13 PM

Without wanting to drone on too much about the pesky little buggers popping up everywhere, the fact is, the pesky little buggers ARE popping up everywhere! And not only do these things fly around and capture cool footage, but they are getting ... more »

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New thread How To Convert Your 10-Speed Transmission To 11 1/25/2016 11:25 AM

If you're like many riders out there, you love the idea of wide-range, 1x11-speed drivetrain simplicity, but you're less in love with the idea of having to replace every single part of your existing transmission to get there. Well, thanks to South African

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New thread What is the Greatest Rock Song Ever? 1/6/2016 6:00 AM

What does this have to do with mountain biking? Nothing. Everything. {poll:253}

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New thread Is White is the New Black? 1/5/2016 7:05 AM

See, we TOLD you the murdered out look was done with for 2016:

More on this crazy contraption HERE.

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New thread What Did You Get for Christmas? 12/25/2015 8:47 AM

Bikes? Gear? Bling? We're sure Father Xmas dropped in with some rad bike-related gifts, so post 'em up and share the stoke with your fellow Vital MTBers!

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New thread Should Enduro Be a Riding Type? 12/24/2015 2:31 AM

Before you cry troll , hear us out...: As much as we all like to complain about labels, they are useful. Labels help us instantly categorize and classify stuff, and when it comes to something as diverse as mountain biking, that can be of great help.

... more »

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New thread What's The One MTB Thing You'd Want For Xmas? 12/11/2015 7:31 AM

So, it's that time of year again, when you get to ask Santa for bike stuff. What's the one thing (bike, component, accessory, clothing, apparel) that really caught your eye in 2015? What would absolutely stoke you out the most under the Xmas tree? Let's

... more »

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New thread Faster, Higher, Stronger - Share Your Best Tips 12/3/2015 7:31 AM

We all have a few tips and tricks that at some point in our riding lives or careers helped us take a step forward - and here's your chance to share your best tips with the rest of us. Whether it's that one riding technique tip that suddenly enabled you

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New thread Are You Riding the Right Bike? 11/26/2015 11:46 AM

If there is one thing we mountain bikers like to do, it's buy new stuff. And when we do, we are often influenced by a whole bunch of factors, like brand, price, performance, etc. But there is another factor that often comes into play, and that ... more »

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