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We haven't finished testing these yet, but so far, we're impressed. Slightly heavier than your target build, but definitely a solid option:,45/Hope-Technology/Pro-4,16827 Spank's Oozy wheelset is another really good option, especially considering the price:,44/Spank/Oozy-Trail295-Bead-Bite,14455#product-reviews/1758/expand

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Yikes, that's a lot of conspiracy theory in one thread. Daniel, your post failed to load correctly because of a bug with Instagram embeds. For some reason, when an Instagram post contains smileys, our forum doesn't like it....and so it makes a mess of

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Let's not forget The Bike That Kept On Going:

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2016 Radon team announcement: Radon Magura Factory Team The Radon Magura Factory Team is proud to announce their new racing program for 2016. After a successful first full season in World Cup Downhill racing, the Radon Magura Factory Team will add Enduro

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More team news, this time it's SCOTT USA and their impressive roster of cross-discipline supported riders (not including the teams Gstaad-SCOTT, SCOTT-ODLO, and the SCOTT-SR Suntour enduro team, plus individual riders like Nico Vink, Vincent Tupin, and

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Here is the full announcement regarding the all-new Cube Global Squad - the brand's first foray into the world of World Cup DH racing: Greg Williamson & Matt Walker sign with CUBE Global Squad

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This just in from IBIS:

Ibis Cycles is thrilled to announce the addition of riders Robin Wallner, Pedro Burns and Dillon Santos to the Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team. They will be joining forces with team veterans Anita and Caro Gehrig, and Gary ... more »
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That head tube does look YT-like, and #goodtimes is a dead giveaway: A photo posted by Greg Williamson (@greg_dh) on Jan 10, 2016 at 9:02am PST

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Build the world's sickest bike park, and enjoy running that for the next 30 years or so. Free to ride, needless to say.

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Brendog confirmed on Scott for 3 more years! From SCOTT: Brendan Fairclough has re-signed with the Gstaad-SCOTT Downhill team for three more years. Team Manager Claudio Caluori continues with the existing roster that he has set up over the last few years:

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I can't say I disagree with you on the topic of that album...

I know Stairway takes a lot of flack for being radio friendly and played to death....but if you pick apart the song and the performances that went into that recording, it was too ... more »
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Johannes Fischbach welcome to Radon edit.

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Note that Specialized are not building a whole new team here or "signing another 3 good riders", they are stepping in as frame and equipment sponsor for an existing team. There are other sponsors to help carry the load in this case.

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It's official! Bruni, Vergier, and Iles will be riding Specialized bikes for 2016! From Specialized: Jan 6, 2016 Specialized will partner with Pure Agency in 2016 to form a new Specialized Gravity Team, supporting the 2015 World Champion Loic Bruni,

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The new Gravesy Train: Yeah it's another bike shot, but a few people have been keen to see this one....should do nicely to get 2016 rolling. Specialized Bicycles #iamspecialized Posted by Jared GravesThursday, December 31, 2015

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Tahnee Seagrave with a scribbled-out frame...what's going on here then? A photo posted by Tahnée Seagrave (@tahneeseagrave) on Dec 28, 2015 at 3:23pm PST

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It's official! Aaron Gwin leaves Specialized: Aaron has disclosed that the reason he is leaving comes down to a difference of opinion as to what he thinks his value is and the value that Specialized would attribute to his contribution. No hard ... more »