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Check it out, we interviewed UCI MTB Coordinator Simon Burney on the topic of changes to the minimum entry requirements for the World Cup in 2016, among other topics:,945. ... more »

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More info from Lapierre here:,30345/iceman2058,94.

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Goodbye note from Bruni:

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Yo Dave! Have you (or anybody else to your knowledge) experimented with dual-rate springs for MTB suspension? Everybody is always looking for small bump compliance + big hit ramp-up...could dual spring rates help address that need, or am I missing something?

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This seems to point to Rude staying with Yeti. Let's hope he gets to ride more DH next year too!

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I don't think he fits his F-14 anymore...

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Johan Hjord is the name, iceman2058 here on the site, I'm one of the crew that slave away tirelessly to bring you, our readers, rad content from the 4 corners of the globe. Originally from Sweden, I've lived in California, France, Ireland and now more

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I just pile mine in a corner. I'm trying to figure out the optimal formula to make sure the one I need is NEVER at the front. I'm pretty close to nailing it.

And to finish off my storage masterpiece, I also have the "Bike of Damocles" hanging ... more »

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Emily rides for Trek Factory Racing, NOT Trek World Racing. Trek World Racing was a private racing program owned by Martin Whiteley, with Trek as the headline sponsor. Trek Factory Racing is Trek's own racing program. TWR stopping its activity will not ... more »

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One cat out of the bag!,1215

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If you zoom in... A photo posted by @ream_tumours on Nov 7, 2015 at 12:20pm PST

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The 2015 edition of Red Bull Rampage is now well and truly underway. The riders have been on site for 2 days scoping out and digging their lines, and before they start putting tires to dirt today (Sunday), here are a few posts to give you a little glimpse

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Here are a couple of new features shaping up, check out the full story over at Red Bull: The YT Step Up Built to allow riders to carry more speed to the bottom section of the course if they chose the left-most side for their line, the YT Step Up is

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Not as of the time of writing.

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IS IT 2016 ALREADY? Kick off the offseason transfer fun in the new thread, post 'em if you got 'em:,2/2016-Racing-Rumours,8720 YEOW!

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The dropper remote goes UNDER your left handlebar where your front shifter used to be anyway (visit a museum if you want to see what THOSE looked like), the rest of the stuff on your handlebars is nothing to worry about...

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It's Bernard Kerr down in Queenstown, NZ. AFAIK it wasn't part of an edit, "just" a clip.

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Epic doesn't half tell the story.,28898/csteen,28416