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This ridiculous lawsuit is already taking effect. A downhill section of an off road trail in Wales, UK, has had its KOM removed as it is 'hazardous'. This is not on a public highway, which is the reason the guy died in the lawsuit. If Strava start censoring the segments, I will stop using it....more

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At least he died doing what he loved...trying to accomplish something that means absolutely nothing.

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Strava actually eliminates segments if people report they are dangerous. Pisses me off when they pull one I am KOM on...This is the reason for the decline of America. I experienced this with offroad moto and now MTB. Lawyers are the death of FUN. Keep it up STRAVA. Everyone needs to become a...more

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I'm a keen Strava user. I mostly compete on the climbs though, I treat the downhills as "informational only" (though perhaps because I'm not a skilled downhiller. Kim was also on a road bike though). Users *want* to be informed when their KOM is beaten. And this is a wonderful motivator for the climbs. What a (sensationalist: just listen to the tone of voice) news report like this doesn't look at, is the health benefits of the site: how many people live much healthier lives thanks to finding some motivation through making their cycling more "social"?

So the question is just about "negligence". Strava now allows any user to flag a segment as dangerous. This permits the riders that see each segment up close and personal to make that call. Strava itself doesn't, and certainly can't, go scout out every ride all around the world, of course. The site needs "safe harbour", similar to how hosting providers aren't liable for copyright infringements their users commit, as long as they respond correctly to takedown requests.

Perhaps this "flag this segment" feature was not available in 2010? I still think the US is litigation crazy, and people need to take responsibility for their own actions rather than always seeking to blame whoever or whatever they can. "My coffee didn't have a warning on it that it is hot!" Uh... c'mon, *it's coffee!*

Of course the accident was tragic, and my thoughts and condolences are with the family. (And my father's plane crash was also a tragic accident, we didn't seek to sue the plane manufacturer for having a plane that performs badly in certain conditions...)

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