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gzilla's Product Reviews

Added a product review for RockShox Recon Silver TK Fork 7/16/2013 3:51 PM

Recon Silver 100mm TK Solo-Air 29er


The Good: Affordable, easy setup no need to change springs. Rugged enough.

The Bad: Dated graphics, confusing segment as this shock has features that cross over to the gold (1 step above) and the XC (1 step below)


I'm not gonna kid myself. I like to be real. Sure a 5-800 dollar or more shock has lots of bragging points, looks cool and makes other riders think you are a highly skilled rider (and you just might be) Just like those 150.00 Nikes aren't going to make me run any faster I will just run in style right? Honestly, those high end shocks are above my skill level and I doubt they would make me a better rider (IMO) and plus I could not afford them anyway. In any-case I think they would look lame on my no name trail rig for what it is worth.

However if you are like me and, If you want a good affordable and reliable shock the Recon Silver solo air 29er might be your best bang for your buck. It weighs a little over 4 lbs and can be setup to 120mm (not recommended by Rockshox) It is relatively stiff at the 100 mm setting and can be aired up to compensate for your weight or riding style or both. If you are a weekend warrior check this thing out you will not regret it. Unless you are looking for bells and whistles or are a pro racer.

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Added a product review for Continental Mountain King ProTection Tire 7/16/2013 3:29 PM

My review for Mountain King II sport tire (Not UST nor Black Chili)


The Good: Awesome Grip in hard, loose, loose over hard, loamy and sand (2.4 size). Good over dry roots and rocks. Aesthetically a good looking tire. Not tried tire in mud or wet conditions. Compares to the Nevegal in terms of all purpose traction. Tire rolls very good. Medium lugs spaced apart. Good float. Large carcass and plenty of meat.

The Bad: The sport tire is very touchy to air pressure. With to much air pressure tire is unforgivably hard and stiff. Not enough air pressure and the tire flexes a lot. Does not have transition knobs. Cannot be setup as tubeless easily.


The MKII sport tire has thin sidewalls and will be difficult to setup tubeless personally I would not even try just buy the UST tire. Using a tube helps support the sport tire although does add to the already heavy weight of 740-780 grams. I have found that for my weight and riding style and area 45-46 lbs in the rear and 40-42 lbs in the front is the sweet spot for me. I weigh 220 lbs. The MFG recommended pressure is50 - 65 which when inflated to that size I found the tires to be nearly un-rideable at that pressure they lose traction and, are extremely stiff however, if you ride on the street a lot that might work for you. Although they ride pretty good for me on the street on the way to the trails at my pressure. Also, if you are used to tires with transition knobs these tires will take some getting used to. Once I got used to thesetransition-lesstires and trusted them I have yet to go into an uncontrolled slide or have them break loose on me. I'm sure this has to do with getting the pressure dialed in for your weight. They are easy to get on and off the rims by hand. I have found that the 2.4 tires have added something I did not expect. Less jarring on myhard-tailĀ and great float.

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