Added a product review for Shimano SLX M666 Disc Brake 11/18/2012 8:42 AM

Shimano SLX M666


The Good: compact lever/master cyclinder. easy to bleed. reach adjust. only had to pay 75 bucks for front and rear. very very smooth feel.

The Bad: absolutely nothing


i was running the previous gen slx's brakes and those were pretty good, then both the calipers cracked at the mounting holes and called up shimano and since i work at a shop, the warranty process was very smooth. i recieved in mail two brand new rear m666 brakes, and since they were free and i only need the one rear, i sold the other one which paid for the front so all in all, i only had to pay for rotors. im running them with the avid g3 rotors, 7 inch front, 6 inch rear and after getting the rotors/pads broken in, these brakes are phenominal. all the braking power i need and smooth modulation. compared to the elixirs ive ran, they are relativily low noise and by no means annoying. im using them for dj/light freeride and i hardly ever need more than 1 finger on the lever. ive had zero issues and when i get money i plan to buy the new xtr trail brakes and give those a try! 5 stars on the slx's for sure

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Added a product review for 2012 GT La Bomba Bike 11/18/2012 8:30 AM

2013 GT La Bomba, light and snappy


The Good: beautiful frame, tapered/hydroformed headtube, replaceable dropouts, low standover, short rear end. for the money good parts spec and makes for an overall solid build. comes in at just a hair over 29 pounds.

The Bad: rockshox recon fork, avid elixir 1 brakes (love/hate).


this review might be over the top but i am a stickler when it comes to my bikes and the parts. ive been riding a kona stuff ss dj bike for the last year and for how i ride, ive got the perfect build on that bike. since i can get gt's at 55% msrp, i definitely had to pull the trigger on the la bomba.  there isnt much in the way of reviews for the gt and this is only the third year for the la bomba with just a few minor changes to parts spec and staying around the same 1500 dollar price mark. with this being a 4x geo, its slightly different than the p2 and stuff ive been used to riding. the standover is very low, has a slightly longer wheel base and slack headtube. the rear end is very short and extremely easy to pop up into a manual. considering this bike comes 1x9, there is some considerable weight to be saved by converting it into ss, which i plan to do.  i never need 9 cogs in the back and this bike has very good potential to be a solid 25 lb bike. everything on the bike functions well, although the recon fork is the only true downside. the website lists that the fork comes with an extra heavy coil, but on the fork leg the sticker says medium coil. ive bottomed out the fork several times, even with a smooth landing, it just cant handle the hits. im only 160 so its definitly gonna be the first part to go. for 2013 they put in a 15mm front axle which when it comes time to replace the fork, im also going to need a new front hub, there are very few options for dj forks that comes with the 15mm axle so im a little bummed by that. other than that, there is nothing that truely needs upgrading or replacing off the bat. its a killer looking bike and it rides very well, and is very easy to throw around. would make for a very good build on any dj/slopestyle/4x bike and would highly recommend considering this bike.

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