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Can they throw water bottles like Downhill Domination?

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Liked a comment about news blog WORLD CHAMPS RESULTS: Stevie Smith and Rachel Atherton Win Elite Downhill Seeding - Enduro Bikes Rule the Day! 8/31/2013 3:59 AM

Gravesy the machine was 21st at the first split, then deployed calves.

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Liked a comment about news blog Dave Weagle Sues Giant for Patent Infringement 5/5/2013 6:59 PM

I'm not saying that he doesn't have a legitimate cause to sue, it's more that I just don't know. Based on the little info I've seen, the timing seems to be off. If I had tried to get licensing for a design I made, and then the company went ahead and started producing my design before the license negotiations were finalized, I would have gone after them right then, not 9 years later. After all, if it is your patented design, legally you own all rights to producing it. Why let a company make illegitimate money off of your hard work for so long? Why not work at stopping it the moment it starts? It's the lack of answers to those questions that make me wonder if Dave Weagle is just "trolling." So in a nutshell, I'm not sure that he actually has a case. If he does, then I really hope he nails those thieves. But if there is no patent violation, I kinda hope he gets nailed for defaming the names of those company.

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Liked a comment about slideshow INSIDE: Spank Industries Wheel Building Factory 1/29/2013 5:56 PM

Lee: Awesome awesome awesome. I've learned a TON having watched your wicked slideshow. But please: if the v/o is amazing and informative, aaaand the caption is amazing and informative, I gotta keep jumping back on each photo, cuz I'm a dude, and I can't listen and read at the same time. I've noticed the same thing bothers me on the WC slideshows from Sven and the lads from time to time. All that having been said, more please...

Ps that pull-through test shit is cray-cray.

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Liked a comment about press release It's True - Aaron Gwin, Mitch Ropelato and Troy Brosnan Team Up With Specialized in 2013 1/7/2013 9:07 PM

that photo was taken in 2009, so all you lame website photo poachers, i'm watching you!

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