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Also the seals and wipers are always lubricated with oil, because of gravity =)

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You are right. I reviewed the 2011 model.
The newer versions got the 142+. Which really helps with stiffness.

The picture does also show the 2011 version. A lot less curvy then the newer ones...

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I really LOVE that video! Very soothing - makes me want to grab my bike NOW.
I am also amazed at those trails/dirt spots. There must be some real MTB love over in Colorado!

Keep it going!

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Decent trail bike


The Good: Good climber, very stable and secure handling, yet nimble enough for most trails. Goes down anything you throw at it, obviously not suited for big stunts. Within reason, though, you'll never be underbiked.

The Bad: Componentry of mediocre durability. Had to warranty the wheels, fork, saddle, shock. Specialized got me covered though. Still a hassle. BIGGEST drawback: Proprietary shock mount. Swapping to a better/different rear shock is like playing the lottery. Either get a used one from a pro or beg at Specialized. Seriously unnecessary. Horrible Avid brakes. Great lever feel, endless caliper SQUEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAL.


Geometry is great on this trail 29er. It handles well and is pretty neutral. The chainstays are quite long. Which is both good and bad. For intermediate riders this bike inspires great deals of confidence. It just plows anything. Simply point it somewhere and it will go there.

For advanced riders it might feel a bit muted. The rear shock blows through the mid-stroke (just add some grease to the air chamber of the shock). Stiffness is good at the front end (20mm maxle) and not that great in the rear (135mmQR).

Add a dropper post and you'll be golden. You end up with a not super light bike, but it's efficient and you don't suffer too much, most of the time.

With some tuning and upgrading you can make the Stumpjumper Comp shine. But at that point you probably could just go to the Expert model from the get go or buy something boutique.

Investing in a high end wheelset might be your best bet.

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Great review! Thanks a lot. I'll have to get one. And a set of enve wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeels.... :-)

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