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mrp amg guide

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I don't know to what point electronic components can handle abuse in mountain bike. What if I hit hard an electronic rear derailleur? What happens if battery is out and I am in the middle of nowhere?. IMO, I will stay with mechanic parts because if something ... more ยป

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Mother of danny!!

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Did you have to modify the cranks to fit the 30t chainring?

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cute!! (both of them)

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I need to be chased by the cops again!!!!

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If the brakes were saint, that's very strange, saints are indestructible

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Still the best choice for All Mountain


The Good: Weight and geometry in a single shot. This is the most versatile bike that I've ever ride, comfortable when going uphill, the best fun on trails and the total orgasm when going downhill. Great handling on curves, floating on jumps and drops. I've never seen anything like this toy.

The Bad: If the bike equipped with the basic fork (lyrik R) it lacks of adjustability for uphill rides, not comfortable when going uphill and need to stand on pedals.

Overall: My next bike: Nomad, after that: Nomad, after that: Nomad.......

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