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Hey Der, this is Lars from Transition Bikes. I can assure you that this is as far as you can get from a catalog design. For one that's not really how it works. We designed the original TR-450 in our offices in Bellingham Wa USA. And this is a continuation of that. I cannot tell you the countless hours upon hours we've spent working on this redesign. We have a post on our FB page here -
where you can actually see the multiple renditions that led to the finished product you see here. There are more than a couple brands who have copied the original TR450 over the years...

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not a dumb question. on world cup courses they have course marshals at specific stations down the track. part of their job is to blow the whistles when riders go by to alert anyone down course that someone will be hauling ass : ) the marshals aid downed riders, keep the course tape in place and are there for safety.

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That's not a case, that's a sign from jesus that you're in the wrong sport.

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