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do want

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omg poor bikes. that trail was haggard!

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I don't get how he didn't figure this out before the season started...

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Gotta love Gwin's calm demeanor. If anything will allow him to focus on improving after a result that surprised everyone, that's it.

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the man!

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Norbs wuz robbed!!!

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That is some serious talent stacked up just to Qualify! Holy crap.

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She is true grit. My favorite chick DHer.

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gnarly gnarly human, right there.

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Well i drank a redbull before my race run and it made me jitter and i ran into a tree and broke my wrist

Added a comment about feature Win Custom Painted Allsport OH2 Carbon Wrist Braces 5/24/2012 10:05 AM

How I nearly sterilized myself and got pinned bare-ass to the sky for several minutes:

I live in Squamish. One evening last summer I got dropped off solo at the top of our most prominent downhill trail, 19th hole. 19th is a 2,500 vertical foot obscenely eroded fall line skid-fest.

I came into this sketchy four foot wide by three foot deep rut really fast. It's kind of a loose skiddy chute that has carved out a deep ass trough over time. I was on a sick run and got out of control. A big solid stump of a root sticks out of the side of the chute several inches. Normally you could dodge this thing no problem, but I slid my rear wheel right into it going really fast.

My bike caught up super hard, and I got ejected. I held on to an impossible nose manual for half the chute. With no hope to save it I jumped over the bars.

I vividly remember my alarm as the end of my handlebar passed under me and grazed my ball sack in a harmless, but nearly violent manner. I don't enjoy imagining how badly my anatomy and reproductive potential could have suffered had I been a single inch lower. Then, I ate shit.

I took a deep breath and realized I was upside down, pinned beneath my bike and jammed into a bunch of logs on the side of the trail. I felt a cool breeze and realized my bare ass was exposed and facing straight up the trail. The cause: my handlebar, which after nearly castrating me, had impaled my shorts. It punched right through the durable nylon troy lees. My handlebar punched through my shorts, and came all the way out the left leg-hole, brake levers and all.

As I flew over the bars the leverage of my body flying forward against the bars pulled my shorts right down. It was a commando day. This left me completely entangled in my bike, folded upside down, and totally pinned with my butthole pointing right uphill. I was so entangled with my bike and the shrubs I could barely move.

I ended up utterly stuck for a good two or three minutes, no one came down the trail after me, which was good. The shame would have been severe.

I got free and I still ride in those shorts, with the two inch puncture in the crotch sewn up.

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fastest bike engineer ever?

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Taking my visor off asap.

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I went to Santa Cruz and broke my pike. Pretty sure it was Brad that gave me his old fork with just a blown air spring after meeting me like one time! Still rocking it. Top notch human.

Also notable he bikes to Whistler on his Blur 4x


What a guy

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ridiculous hangtime

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rowdy whips!

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