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What do you guys think? I think the specialized demo 8 is pretty awesome.

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Oh no! What happened to cost you 500? You crash and break a component?

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@astrizzle Did you get the demo yet? How is it? Is it everything you ever wanted and more?

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@donch15 Why do you ride an intense over any other bike? What made you buy that bike? Just wondering what the thought process is like when people buy bikes. Since this is the first bike I will be buying for myself I'd like to know what things people ... more »

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@donch15 Thanks for the info! I just checked out your bike set-up and it says you have a fox 40 fork. How is that thing? Is there a real noticeable difference going from a six inch fork to an eight? @Storge How do you put a mission control in a fork ... more »

Added a product review for Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake 5/23/2011 12:45 AM

Best bang for the buck


The Good: VERY CHEAP compared to other hydro brakes, extremely powerful, easy to install, easy modulation of left and right side of caliper

The Bad: none so far

Overall: I ride these brakes with 160 mm rotors front/back on a downhill trail 3 times a day, every day of the week. They hold up amazingly. I do not notice any loss of brake power after long rides. These brakes are as good at the bottom as they are at the top. They are powerful enough to lock up the back wheel instantly and make it possible to do endo's when pulling the front brake. I would definitely recommend these brakes to anyone who is in the market to buy disc brakes but don't want to drop $150 per brake for hydro's. The best part about them is that I don't have to worry about bleeding them or having a leak out on a trail rendering my brakes useless like hydro's. AWESOME!

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Could you post what your set up for that bike is and what year the frame is? That way I can have an idea of what your bike is like and I don't have to ask you what component you have for every part of the bike. This will be the first bike I have bought ... more »

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Thanks so much for your opinion! I was just wondering what upgrades you have put on the bike since you said that you have upgraded almost everything. Since I am paying a lot for the bike I don't want to have to upgrade all the components immidiately. ... more »

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Out of curiosity, how does a shorter stem affect the performance of the bike?

Updated bike check downhillhawaii's Giant 5/21/2011 12:38 AM
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Hey guys, I have been riding a Giant Warp DS for around 5 years now which has done its job on XC trails. Recently I have been getting in to a lot of downhill riding and have decided it's time to upgrade my bike. Right now I am looking at the specialized ... more »

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