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Best thing I have ever put in between my legs.


The Good: Everything. Spinning popping boosting and just general ass kicking

The Bad: The bike is a panty dropper. Jk. But really though...

Overall: Buy one. Like now. It's the best riding HT I have ever owned.

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Hey so I'm looking to get rid of my 07 sx trail 3 frame. I'm mainly just first trying to see if people are interested in it at all first. Frames a medium, and comes with a dhx5 and cane creek headset Apart from a few very minor scratches and scuffs,

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Heres another

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As much as I don't want to, I getting rid of my beloved STP. I think its an 07 size small/med. I have dumped tons of money into this thing to get it just how I want. Im asking $800 obo Every part is in perfect working order. I sprayed the frame ... more »

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Yeahhh thats me!

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Anyone know the name of that song?

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Reppin the Cen Cal.

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