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Stoked I can watch this Vital vid on my iPad...

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Nice vid....great work Cous Cous and Tim, you boys are making good out there

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Really great product...I have been running one for the last few months and haven't had any issues. Taken a solid hit and came through it strong, impressive for something that is crazy light!

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Added a product review for Easton Flatboy Pedal 11/16/2010 11:36 AM

Great pedal till they break


The Good: Original DH Flat Pedal, excellent grip, huge platform, great pin placement

The Bad: Very wide, need to adjust to the extra width or you'll end up clipping something HARD like I did. Bent axle and crank in the process. Easton do not offer any spares for these pedals. They are 5 rides old and now I must throw them away..

Overall: Great pedal if you are happy to buy a new set if you bend the axle. (I am not) These are slightly wider than my other pedal which resulted in me clipping loads of rocks and tree stumps with them..

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