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Reply to umf freddy 11/23/2015 5:25 PM

That really depends on the year, condition and price. Both the Trance Advanced 1 and Trek Remedy 7 are pretty capable bikes. That said, the Remedy has more travel and relaxed geometry compared to the Trance, so if you're looking for a bike that descends ... more »

Reply to what music do you listen to? 11/23/2015 10:10 AM

Yes! Rad. I'm gonna show Jacob this thread, he'd prob be stoked someone brought up First Wave Hello.

Reply to MTB shoes 11/23/2015 10:04 AM

Welcome to the forums! Going through some of our clipless shoe reviews would be a great place to start your hurt.

Reply to what music do you listen to? 11/18/2015 3:49 PM

I just saw Flipper two-weeks ago...

Reply to what music do you listen to? 11/17/2015 9:13 PM

Currently I've been binging on a couple of bud's bands... so I have two songs. First one is Jacob Turnbloom. I met him years back when I worked at a record store, since then he's become a close friend and he's always been a rad musician. He played guitar ... more »

Reply to Introduce yourself 11/17/2015 2:35 PM

*Stands up awkwardly* Hi, my name is Fred and I'm a bike-oholic. -Fred Robinson, actually, with the unfortunate nickname "DERF." I'm the newest member of the Vital team, having started contributing to the site around two years ago as a product tester.

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Reply to How do you guys store your bikes? 11/17/2015 9:01 AM

I've got all the road bikes and clunkers that don't get ridden often hanging on hooks, in addition to the bikes that get used regularly on that sawhorse. It's actually a decent setup, but I think I can make something more compact that would be cleaner

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New thread How do you guys store your bikes? 11/16/2015 4:52 PM

I'm gonna reorganize my garage soon to make it a more functional shop space for working on bikes. Curious what you guys are using for bike storage. Currently I'm using a Home Depot DIY sawhorse to store the bikes, but it's getting unstable and it's not

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Reply to Which pins to remove from flat pedals? 11/13/2015 3:56 PM

Oh, sorry. I misread and assumed the pins were molded in like on some of Shimano's lower end pedals. If they're just stripped or you can't get a allen in there, vice grips will do the trick. I've done this many times to remove damaged pins. These guys:

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Reply to Which pins to remove from flat pedals? 11/13/2015 10:26 AM

DJ bike = Vans Half Cabs Don't drill your pedals... I wouldn't even modify them in the first place. But if you insist, use a file.

Reply to 2016 Racing Rumours 11/12/2015 1:30 PM

Commencal also has a San Diego office... curious.

Reply to Top 10 Christmas Bike Destinations 11/6/2015 2:00 PM

And, it's only 25-min from Downtown SD! Mucho gusto! @ 0:55 in that video, they're watching me crash going through that first sketch rock section.... solid.

Reply to Top 10 Christmas Bike Destinations 11/6/2015 1:08 PM

Winter is the best time of year to ride is San Diego.

Reply to Sea Otter is having an e-MTB race 11/6/2015 1:06 PM

Finally a proper format for all of us #dadbods out there! Score!

Reply to Where do all the stolen bikes go? 11/2/2015 9:40 AM

I recently read a story about how bike thieves are now using Strava to find houses that likely have high-end bikes. Better set your house location to "Private" on the app if you ever start your rides from home.

Reply to Saddle tips 11/2/2015 9:33 AM

Different saddles fit different bodies, so what works for me might not work for you. Something to keep in mind when reading "Best Saddle" lists and when people start throwing out reconditions for you. Maybe head to your local bike shop and ask if they ... more »

Reply to Post your ride! 10/29/2015 2:03 PM

Nice Sinister phobospwns, I had an R9 back in the day that I loved. Here's my two main whips: 2015 YT Tues, soon to undergo some changes:

2015 Trek Slash 9.8: ... more »

Reply to Whistler GoPro footage 10/29/2015 1:56 PM

Thanks.... now I miss Whistler again. Sweet videos.

Reply to RAMPAGE!!!! 10/27/2015 10:43 AM

Good for you.

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Did you end up skipping school?