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New thread Isn't That What Instagram Is For? 3/17/2017 4:49 PM

Nah... post up a recent photo of you or one you took, just cuz you're stoked on it.

I never shoot vertical but was messing around and got this shot of Luca Cometti. I think I'm going to start shooting vertical more often.

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Reply to The U.S. Downhill Racing Thread 3/10/2017 10:55 AM

Seeding results from the 2017 Windrock Pro GRT are in: Pro Men: 1. Neko Mulally 2. Greg Williamson 3. Kiran Mackinnon 4. Kyle Grau 5. Joshua Rodgers 6. Jason Schroeder 7. Shane Leslie 8. Tanner Stephens 9. Maurico Estrada 10. Walker Shaw Pro Women: 1.

... more »
Reply to Bought bunk brakes 3/8/2017 4:44 PM

Ask him nicely for a refund and offer to return the brakes because he misrepresented the brakes in the ad. If he doesn't respond or comes back saying you're in the wrong, not him, hopefully you paid with PP or credit and can contest the payment. Maybe ... more »

Reply to That Time We Nearly Lost A Motocross Star 2/23/2017 12:46 PM

A while back there was some GoPro footage of a dude going over that cliff...sketchy section for sure if you overcook the roll-in.

Reply to 2017 Racing Rumors 2/3/2017 10:27 PM

The official PR from Intense: INTENSE CYCLES ANNOUNCES 2017 FACTORY TEAM  

February 3, 2017 - Temecula, CA. Intense Cycles proudly announces its 2017 Factory Race Program.  Returning to the team this year are Australian riders Jack Moir (22) ... more »
Reply to Apple widget. 2/1/2017 9:36 AM

I'm 90% sure I've seen the same prompt to "add vital to your home screen..." To take a screenshot (for iPhone), press both the home button (on the face of the phone) and the lock button (on the right side of the phone) at the same time. Also, stoked ... more »

Reply to Is straighter and faster really that bad for a World Cup track? 1/17/2017 10:46 AM

When I used to race, I hated the high-speed fire road sections between the woods. I remember the first track I raced that had them and that was Angel Fire. Basically just tuck, hold on, watch for water bars, and don't touch your brakes. Actually, I still ... more »

Reply to 2017 Racing Rumors 1/17/2017 10:29 AM

Here's Needles' IG post, embedded for simplicity. Didn't know at the time that this would be the last time dropping into the finish area of a World Cup season ... It's been an amazing 14 years racing around the globe. All good things they say must come to an end. This was no easy decision let me tell you that! I have decided to hang up my racing boots.. well sort of...... I will take a step back from racing and transition into a new role in the industry and with a brand I have been a fan of for a while now. I will very much still be riding and at events , shoots and maybe a race. Very excited to release the news and upcoming projects soon. On the side I am very much trying to grow the sport and get more people into riding via bike parks and building projects which has become a passion. There were ups and downs, podiums and victories which were not even in my dreams as a kid, broken bones , life lessons ,sacrifices , laughs and friendships which I will cherish forever. There is a list of thanks so long it won't fit here but let's try . First off my Mom and Dad who supported me when I made the choice to go racing! Without them this would never have been possible. My brother @jontyneethling for a kick in the ass when I needed it, riding partner and then wrenching. My close friends!!! All my previous teams and sponsors: Global Racing - Martin Whiteley giving me my first ride and support. Honda/ Turner Mongoose Trek Giant Polygon Ur All my former team mates Everyone that supported me, gave me a lift , let me sleep on their couch or housed me. You all know who you are !! @svenmartinphoto @ridehousemartin for housing me and giving me the chance to live out my dream.. in the early years Let's not forget the fans and industry people that supported me along the way. Here is to chasing a dream!!!! #noregrets #change #transition

Reply to 2017 Racing Rumors 1/12/2017 1:00 PM

Pretty much me saying a lot, but at the same time saying nothin haha Big news droppin this week and I've got some cool projects in the works. Just wanted to let all you fine people out there know that I'm workin on stuff, and it's gonna be great, and this knee is about to get owned.. again #songbird #hypeman #ithriveonenthusiasm #namethemovie A video posted by Aaron Gwin (@aarongwin1) on Jan 12, 2017 at 11:59am PST Gwin alluding to some "team happenings" to drop later this week. Considering it's already late in the week, perhaps we'll hear something in the next day or two.

Reply to 2017 Racing Rumors 1/11/2017 10:43 AM

Here's the official PR regarding Ibis:

Santa Cruz, CA - In only its second year of existence the Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team made its mark on the 2016 Enduro World Series season taking 2nd overall in the team competition, 3rd overall in the ... more »
Reply to Newbie question 12/7/2016 10:51 AM

Just a heads up. I just checked and there is a 240lbs weight limit on the Roval Traverse SL Fattie 29 wheels. Not sure which model of Traverse wheel comes on the bike you're thinking about, but that's something to consider.

Reply to Newbie question 12/5/2016 3:00 PM

We've had some pretty big dudes test some lower spoke count wheels in the past. Obviously, results can and will differ from wheelset to wheelset, but the point is a wheel's overall strength doesn't hinge on spoke count alone. Check out these two reviews ... more »

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Devinci just sent us this press release regarding Devinci Global Racing in 2017. Bummed to get the news and wishing them the best in their future endeavors. #longlivechainsaw Press Release For immediate release Devinci Global Racing Puts DH Program on ... more »

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Your combo, along with Minion DHF's front and rear, and DHF front // DHRII rear would all be great picks for dry dusty conditions. I personally just do DHF's front and rear. That way when the rear gets toasted, I move the front tire to the back and put ... more »

New thread Peaty's Push On's - Legit or Having a Laugh? 11/10/2016 3:34 PM

Been a long time getting this product going, but stoked to introduce you to #peatyspushons by Dee Dar, I worked with the @uberbikecomponents guys to finally get there and deliver them to you guys. Will fit any valve and simply Push it on and pull it off. NO screwing involved!! Check link in bio too. A photo posted by Steve Peat (@stevepeat) on Nov 10, 2016 at 10:13am PST Peaty just announced on Instagram the launch of a strange looking new product, dubbed Peaty's Push On's. Apparently, they're a Schrader // Presta valve cap, which, in Peaty's ... more »

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Reply to Red Bull Rampage Pics, Vids and Action 10/11/2016 11:08 AM

Rheeder's bike before it got the orange treatment from FOX. @brettrheeder's Session got a custom brushed carbon finish for Rampage this year. Photo : @iancollinsphotography #session | #redbullrampage | #lookslikeasession A photo posted by Trek Bicycle (@trekbikes) on Oct 11, 2016 at 8:26am PDT