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It’s Autumn, but that doesn’t mean the riding or the stoke stops. Spencer Green, out of Salt Lake City, Utah, keeps it going with this single run at the end of the Canyons Bike Park season.

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Added a new video All Adolf Silva | FERAL RUSHES 10/5/2015 5:30 PM

No intro, no music, no slow-mo, no BS... Adolf Silva going FERAL!

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Added a new video Beyond Rampage | Nick Pescetto Throwing Down Before the Desert 10/5/2015 9:44 AM

With Nick's second Rampage appearance around the corner, the crew headed out to southern France to adventure into the legendary Black Hills.

This spots is as close as it gets to the feeling of rampage runs without having to fly oversea. We camped out there in the middle of nowhere for 4 days, avoiding storms and hiking lines all day long. Local rider Antoni Villoni was our guide, showing us the darkest sides of this hills and we can't thank him enough!

Part 2 will be filmed at Rampage!! See ya in the desert!

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Added a new video Wobble Vision | A Season's Worth of Crashing 10/2/2015 12:37 PM

Crash, ride, crash some more. Tom Gaffney fondly recalls tasting quite a bit of earth throughout his 2015 season.

Wobbling hard through the 2015 summer season, GoPro shots are me falling sadly, bad times!

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Added a new video Empire | A Mongolian Adventure in Mountain Biking 10/2/2015 9:29 AM

Some of the most awesome and breathtaking landscapes we've seen in a MTB film. Pure radness.

​It’s Genghis Khan and the thoughts of him founding the largest empire in the world's history that enter your mind when you think of Mongolia. A huge empty land, rarely visited, an exotic unknown that conjures up images of ancient times and fearsome conquests.

A land that will make you feel small, tiny in the midst of its vastness. Where the locals are strong and proud, and whose hospitality is legendary. They’ve conquered this tough environment, surviving here amongst the harsh seasons that make up the rhythm of life on the steppe. This is a land where the word freedom has a real sense of its meaning, not just a fashionable word used to describe our weekends.

We discovered a unique and breathtaking place to ride our bikes. Where it often seems that the only limits are in our minds. You don’t need to plan a route or follow a trail. You can just sense your own way through this never-ending landscape. You can start to imagine your own empire. One ruled by the freedom to ride wherever you want…. No man rules here, just mother nature. It’s seems like a paradise, and it is.

To ride here contact or

Film by

Shot in the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia, August 2015

Shot using a Canon DSLR, a GoPro 4 flying with a DJI Phantom, and some shots with a Sony FX 700.

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Any word on Intense? In our recent interview with Jeff Steber(Owner) he had some pretty straight forward words regarding World Cup Racing. "We're back into World Cup Racing... ...In the next couple years we have an aggressive plan and we'll be back there, on top of the ... more »

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Dude, you need to march that fork right back to the place you got it and demand a full refund, ASAP, and never set foot in there again once you have ALL your money back. They sold you a hodge podged together fork with tons of inconsistencies and deceptions. ... more »

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You should be able to adjust it with a 2.5mm allen on the drive side foot nut. And GOOO is correct, that's an OEM fork, not for individual sale. Something's wonky with this, for sure. The footnut looks wrong, too. Check it:

Plus, the colored ... more »

Added a new video 2015 Kamikaze Bike Games GoPro Edit 9/30/2015 2:02 PM

One event and four rad races. Check out the POV footage from all the gravity events from sent to us from the crew Kamikaze Bike Games. HISTORY OF THE KAMIKAZE: It all started with one man – Bill Cockroft. A passionate cyclist, he wanted to bring bike racing to the Mammoth Lakes. It was the mid-80s and cycling was very much in the public eye, thanks to the Oscar-winning film “Breaking Away” as well as the USA’s success in cycling events at the ’84 Olympics, which took place in nearby Los Angeles. Cockroft was friends with the man in charge of the cycling portion of the Olympics and one of their mutual buddies approached him and asked Cockroft over dinner, “How much would it take to produce a major cycling event?” Bill pulled out a pen, grabbed a napkin, completed some rough calculations and delivered the tally. Soon the napkin turned into a check and many volunteer man-hours later, a bike race was born. In addition to the Kamikaze and the dual slalom (another industry first) there was also a stage race, which is a multi-day road race for those you who don’t speak bike geek. :) Mammoth was regular on the international race schedule and the Kamikaze changed bike racing as we know it. The Mountain Bike Hall Fame acknowledged as much when they inducted Cockroft in 1994 along with other bicycle visionaries Ignaz & Frank Schwinn (yes,those Schwinns), Keith Bontrager, and Douglas Bradbury.

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Added a new video ONE LAP: Luca Cometti Rides the Kamikaze Bike Games Pro GRT Track 9/24/2015 7:55 PM

The Kamikaze Downhill isn't the only legendary track here at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. Get a preview of the final round of the 2015 Pro GRT, which is going down on the infamous trail, Bullet.

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Ugh... your shop sounds like a bunch of jerks. They should do the parts research, not you. As soon as they realized that a replacement OEM hub was no longer available, which is a 10 min call to Norco, they should have either worked out a replacement ... more »

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Yeah, and if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass when it hopped.

Added reply in a thread Looking for places to rent mountain bike at Portland Oregon 9/21/2015 10:11 AM

Fat Tire Farm still rents bikes, according to their website. Here's a full list of shops that rent in Portland, with their specialties listed, too.

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Do you really need 5.10's? No. But, they are good shoes in terms of added grip over a normal pair of skate shoes. Check it: Five Ten Impact VXi Review

FredLikesTrikes added a feature story #BIKEHACKS - DIY Hacksaw Guide 9/10/2015 4:25 PM

So, you need to cut your handlebar but don't have a saw guide handy? No problem. We'll walk you through our latest #BIKEHACKS tutorial on how to cut your bars using parts you likely already have.

Tools You'll Need

  • Hacksaw
  • Lock-on Grip w/ 2 lock-on clamps (ODI clamps and other clamps with similar internal diameter...more

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