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It gets him his bike back!

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Nothing better than getting loose and having some good times with your buds.

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We've had some pretty big dudes test some lower spoke count wheels in the past. Obviously, results can and will differ from wheelset to wheelset, but the point is a wheel's overall strength doesn't hinge on spoke count alone. Check out these two reviews ... more »

From the Workbench: At-Home Brake Bleed
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12/2/2016 8:02 AM

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Devinci just sent us this press release regarding Devinci Global Racing in 2017. Bummed to get the news and wishing them the best in their future endeavors. #longlivechainsaw Press Release For immediate release Devinci Global Racing Puts DH Program on ... more »

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Your combo, along with Minion DHF's front and rear, and DHF front // DHRII rear would all be great picks for dry dusty conditions. I personally just do DHF's front and rear. That way when the rear gets toasted, I move the front tire to the back and put ... more »

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Been a long time getting this product going, but stoked to introduce you to #peatyspushons by Dee Dar, I worked with the @uberbikecomponents guys to finally get there and deliver them to you guys. Will fit any valve and simply Push it on and pull it off. NO screwing involved!! Check link in bio too. A photo posted by Steve Peat (@stevepeat) on Nov 10, 2016 at 10:13am PST Peaty just announced on Instagram the launch of a strange looking new product, dubbed Peaty's Push On's. Apparently, they're a Schrader // Presta valve cap, which, in Peaty's ... more »

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Jérôme travels all around the world spending a lot of time on mountain bike destinations. But every time he is coming back home; he realizes that he has world quality trails in his backyard too.

Discover how Jérôme is ripping on his local tracks and how much he likes it!

The new edit is filmed in Alsace where Jérôme is living, it's situated in the North East of France. Enjoy it!

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Look up "Alan Watts - How do we define ourselves?"

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"We f'n made it down... Holy s**t." This is the kind of video that makes you really glad helmet cams were invented. T-Mac is a madman.

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Virgin, UTAH — "I'm going to train as much as possible," says Red Bull Rampage 2012 runner-up Antoine Bizet, "to have it dialed — and go fast. Fast and furious."

Bizet may kid with the silly movie reference, but his approach to Rampage 2016 is no joke.

On the first day of practice, Bizet was the only one of 21 riders to ride — with one exception: A lone Brandon Semenuk was seen for a brief moment just before dusk kicking up dust on a bike, although not riding any consequential features of his line.

Tune in to Red Bull TV on Oct. 14 to Rampage finals live and see Bizet go for gold.

Famously, Bizet had an amazing performance at Rampage 2015 with a run that many felt could have won had he not crashed attempting a double backflip for his final trick — in 2016, Bizet will be looking to improve on his career-best silver medal at Rampage...

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Rheeder's bike before it got the orange treatment from FOX. @brettrheeder's Session got a custom brushed carbon finish for Rampage this year. Photo : @iancollinsphotography #session | #redbullrampage | #lookslikeasession A photo posted by Trek Bicycle (@trekbikes) on Oct 11, 2016 at 8:26am PDT

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The 2016 edition of Red Bull Rampage — the 11th running of the event — brings with it several changes aimed at making the experience the best it can be for everyone involved. Among them, the number of competitors has been reduced to feature 21 of the world's best big-mountain riders, each of whom will bring a two-man dig crew with them. That makes for fewer people striving to scratch out their own line down the mountain, which has resulted in a much more collaborative build spirit than seen in recent years. 

It's only fitting that the venue be changed as well, and the new zone features some particularly hairy sections, including a slim choice of challenging routes right out of the starting gate. As always, the riders have chosen to insert some incredibly gnarly features into their lines, putting their skills to the ultimate test.

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First Ride: iXS XACT Full Face Helmet
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10/8/2016 7:27 AM