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Because the shock is driven by the seat stay, and the rear end rotates on two upward floating links... But yeah they're totally aluminum with horizontal shocks, nice one.

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I hate to be the comparison guy, but this frame design is very similar to the banshee Spitfire, Rune, & Darkside...

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Points deducted for blasphemous mixing of SRAM and Shimano parts, why not XTR cranks? Great build besides that.

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i hope troy lee didnt fall for that old letter of intent scam.

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we have more of these coming from some serious world travelers...from riders, to bike company product gurus who have ridden everywhere! stoked you're all stoked

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No wonder they never stuck any landings back then (or turns...or rockgardens...)...

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It would need a complete sidewall, unless you want to get bogged down in mud

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brand new never used 2012 D3 Palmer Chrome in Extra Large. needed a large so have this on to sell. comes with bag and box and extra visor. asking 300. willing to ship within the united states - I'm located in Chico California call or text for more info

... more ยป

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So Coffman, If I win an A's race does that make me 'Pro'?

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Sam Hill - 2:24.95
Rachel Atherton - 2:46.39

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Sam Hill: 3:13.43
Rachel Atherton: 3:56.29

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As a kid i thought i was made of rubber, and for 19 years I was. Growing up on Vancouvers North Shore led me to pursue riding which entailed going bigger, faster, and higher than i ever had. Some will even agree that given the amazing opportunities and riding i had growing up, that they would have the same goals for riding, and made the same mistakes. I slowly became the park and DJ kid when wooden stunts and loam wouldn't satisfy. Deciding that trail riding was for wussies, i went on a hell bent rampage for that next trick, bigger extension, and new maneuver that gave me the rush that going from A to B at break-neck speed could no longer satisfy. A wise man once told me that riding hardtail MTB's was "the Poor Mans Dental Plan" and "Its not a matter of if you'll get hurt, but when" ... this man had impeccable foresight. in 2010 a month before my 20th birthday i was doing my park rat-shoulda-gotten-a-bmx thing when an over-cooked 180 ended with my ankle rolling over, shattering my ankle bones, part of my fibula and tearing all the ligaments. Years of hitting gaps, racing downhill and multiple laps of the bike park had never ended in an injury like this; but a simple injury would ruin a summer. It was a wake up call. 2 surgeries, 2 years, and greater intelligence has led me to get back into the flow of riding trail, to get my stoke from finding new lines, ridding downhill runs, and heckling buddies on group rides. Gone are the days of learning tricks, and hanging out at the skatepark like an infection. Do i miss my DJ/ skatepark days? sure. But my love of riding bikes has created a need to self preserve; lets be honest we would all rather ride our bikes than ride the crutch life! So ive gotten smarter, faster, and am having more fun on my bike than i ever have, I still have a hardtail, but it only gets busted out for commuting and pumptrack... listen to your wise elders kids. Thanks for reading my tale of Woe!! if you yourself are recovering from injury, than i wish you the best of luck.. time flies you will be on the bike to shred another day! X ray photos are around somewhere, but my scars live on forever. -Devin

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Awesome setup! this is what my backyard wishes it looked like.

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oh haaawhat up mountainbike websites

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