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I hate to do a VS, I really do Butttttt...... I've got the chance to pick up wither set at similar prices. I know the M8000's are pretty new but does anyone have time on them? I've never had a higher end wheelset before that would be similar to either ... more ยป

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Awesome Idea! The organizers of the EWS are really...... on the ball......

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Sold my trusty Ghost AMR Plus and stepping onto a Commencal Meta V4 AM

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What about charging $5 for every live feed? Have that money go straight to rider safety and secondarily to better purses. Red bull gets to splash their logo on everything and we pay the riders something for their risk. Honestly, I'd feel better watching...more

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Still waiting on the 650b conversion for mine......

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Really dude....

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Your were one of the kids who kept grabbing the cupcake when it shocked you eh?

Its fine and after measuring it with an actual tape, the difference was minimal. And since I was swapping a 32 150mm with a 34 160mm, i was already gaining more axel to crown then I did when I bought those dick supplements from the email offer, so I didn't the difference other then the bike now handles better

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Yeah, I love the level of bitching about "no 26." You know what a 27.5 fork feels like? It feels like a 26" fork that's one headset spacer taller.

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Run the 27.5 on the 26. I'm doing it with a Fox 34 right now, there is barely a difference in hight from my old 32. Visually I have more tire clearance and that's about it.

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That big jump was legit. When I walked up to the landing it just towered over me

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Is that Kelly on a YT?

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Dude what is the deal with the XXL size? First it says it has a 727mm reach in high position, then a 467mm reach in low. This is a joke right? Tall people of the world want to know.

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Check their website! this thing starts for under 1000 cad/usd (not including shipping) dang son

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So a video of Hart riding an intense.......