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I see, thanks for the info. In the meantime, I found a 9 spd xtr short cage that should work for me.

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I thought all derailleurs are moved based on what the shifter is doing. I used an 8 speed (1994) der for years with a 9 speed shifter. That's why I thought this would work except for possibly issues with the width of the chain and the width of the cage ... more »

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Have cage widths decreased along with chain widths over time? I really want to get the Shimano Zee which is meant for 10 speed chains. That could be upto a difference of 1.6 mm between a 10 speed chain and an 8 speed chain. Will the 8 spd chain fit thru ... more »

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Does anyone know if an 8 speed chain will fit thru the cage of the Zee?

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