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2 of the best photographers in the country covering the event is our investment. placement on the homepage has little relevance with how many people see an article and it has since been bumped back up with full results available. if you had links and info on results, send them on or leave them in the comments. we'll add them to the articles as needed. it's a TEAM effort out there for all of us and that includes you helping out to make our sport great by providing information you have.

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that's what she said.

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Le sigh...Dave decided to leave at the right time, as this has been one of the colder winters of the past couple of years.

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All these photos are great shots but id go with "Logan Binggeli by Dave Trumpore" Makes me feel like as if im in the action. Although the night photo with the light "Jost Zaman by Boštjan Gartnar" is great too, very artistic!

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