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Added a product review for Azonic Double Wall Riser Bar 6/21/2013 2:49 AM

Solid bars in some rad colors


The Good: durable, comfortable, bright green color looks rad and attracts hummingbirds

The Bad: paint gets scratched pretty easily


I got these bars at Crankworx Colorado for around 40 bucks. They have more rise than the ones shown, and they're bright green, which is sick.  After using them for dirt jumping, XC, and a little DH, I can say that these are great all-around bars, and although I've put a few scratches in them, they're still holding up fine.  I recently did a ~70 mile race with them, so no problems with comfort.  Check out my Santa Cruz Chameleon bike check for shots of them on my whip.

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Added a product review for FSA Step-Up Crank With Bottom Bracket Oe 11/12/2012 8:14 PM

Heavy, but at least it works


The Good: cheap, transfers energy from legs to drivetrain, hasn't broken, the bolts are pretty swanky

The Bad: heavy, not too pretty


I've had these for several months, and they've served their purpose without issue. However, their weight is almost unbelievable, and the overall look is fairly unimpressive.  Buy these if you must, but I would advise you to save your cash for better parts.

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Added a product review for Black Market Tech 9 Rigid Fork 11/12/2012 8:03 PM

Cheap, lightweight alternative to suspension forks


The Good: very light, has proven quite strong, looks great, a fraction the cost of suspension, doesn't need to be rebuilt

The Bad: definitely not as plush as your average suspension fork


I got this fork to replace a Marzocchi DJ3 (which was essentially rigid once it got cold enough), and I love it. At only 150 USD and no service costs, it's high quality for a very reasonable price.  The difference between rigid and suspension on pump tracks and dirt jumps is amazing.  Not only can I now pump harder, but I feel a much greater incentive to not case or overshoot jumps.  Some things to take into account upon purchasing one of these beauties: your wrists will hate you if you case jumps, and you might want to get some higher bars, as the transition from suspension to rigid will drop your front end significantly.

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Added a product review for Five Ten Hellcat SPD MTB Shoes 11/12/2012 7:51 PM

Great all-around shoe with style to boot


The Good: recessed cleat, velcro, looks, stealth rubber, comfort, walkability

The Bad: flexible, hot on long rides, a little on the heavy side


Recessed cleat stays out of the way when walking, however this can prove troublesome when clipping in. They look rad.  The velcro strap is a nice detail and functions quite well.  These shoes are great for freeride, downhill, and even cross country.  Or just standing around and looking good.  I would recommend them most for freeride applications, as they are not as stiff as most XC riders want, and can be pretty hot on longer rides.

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