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still a childhood hero of mine. i knew he was a cyclist, but didn't know he was also into mtn bikes. looks like dude knew his parts too - m952 cranks, judy sl, anodized ringle stuff. everything except the saddle bags, but it was the 90s so i'll let it ... more ยป

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sick ride. i love reynolds steel for mtn bike frames. and i applaud you for sticking with shimano.

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Added a comment about video Aaron Gwin Talks 2016 Season, YT Mob, Downhill and Being a Badass! 9/20/2016 1:29 PM

"YT Tuesday" [facepalm]

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Added a comment about feature Beware, It's Getting Weird Out There 8/30/2016 10:24 AM

I agree with the author - despite the negative connotation the term gets these days, it's all still 'XC' to me (and to all the old farts who grew up riding in the 80s and 90s). Even aaron gwin says that in one of the YT videos this year.

And i love how the industry phased out 26in wheels just long enough to bring them back after everyone had sold their 26in wheelsets to get 650b. brilliant.

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What a douche @ 1:20

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so if my bike is a piece of shit, then it eats pieces of shit for breakfast?

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my heart goes out to his friends, family and everyone in the mountain bike community. always seemed a genuine person--didn't know him but his spirit shined through tv interviews. damn.

my best friend died while we were on a ride together. just the two of us. fucking heartbreaking. this story,...more

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i know exactly where this is

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well done video. makes me wanna check it out for sure.

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Y'know, I'm slightly over the blacked out bike look, but these seem to transcend that. That detail pic with the carbon pattern on the inside of the tubes, but black on the rest is stunning. Really good design there Cesar, good luck with your new company.

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holy shit thats a sick bike. i want it.

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i'll admit i don't wear elbow pads all the time, but i do at least wear a long sleeve for those scrapes with trees and the occasional tip over.

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yup a full face is mandatory at the CA enduro series race at china peak. but i agree it's probably a fad just like the DH guys who wear only t-shirts and no gloves or elbow pads... but with knee pads and a full face.

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LOL @ Wayne Nagata's comment: "Is it too late to go back to the Yeti?"

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Remy is a good guy, smart and honest. I had the pleasure to ride and photograph with him in Sedona.

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always love the WLSN. but i cannot wait for this years rock show decals to go away.

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this bike needs more cables. it doesn't have enough. maybe think about switching the bike computer to one that's not wireless - that would do the trick. also some non-wireless tire pressure monitors would work.

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Neko Mullaly's chainless run was all-time!!!

I can't imagine what was going through the other racers heads when they could not beat the chainless time...

I'll bet Neko learned something about himself on that run and we'll see...more

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Dammit. I might have to sell my M9 on principle now.

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paging manitou. queue up your lawyers. your tpc plus name is blatantly being ripped off.

lol at "pure bladder". who comes up with this stuff? what happened to low key and cool sram?