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Ticked other as I really dont care anymore......left the announcement too long and the speculation game is getting a little old. Sick of opening a forum and reading "Gwin is riding for XYZ Bikes in 2016".

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Small percentage to forum contributors? Nah, would just ask for a list of components for your dream bikes and have them built, customised in your own personalised graphics kits and sent out to you.......or just a photo of said bike :p Glad it has been ... more »

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Being an Aussie, will only equate to $750 Million (maybe less by the time Mr Taxman takes his cut) but hey.......lets start. 1. Buy Marzocchi off Fox and bring back the Shiver DC and SC. 2. Invest in Zerode bikes and Aussie Brand Bilt Bikes. Make more ... more »

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Makulu, is it Zulu for "Wicked Ride"??


The Good: Small company = Attention to detail Low, Slack, spot on weight, predictable in the air and on the ground Killer Looks Innovative "Single Pivot" design Loves to go sideways in the air Will rail corners like a slot car Can hug the ground in the snotty stuff like a cop holding his donut (with the correct shock set up)

The Bad: Weak stickers (more durable custom stickers being made to replicate originals) Seat Clamp design - not a fan Getting the right shock tune can be a little tricky not enough dealers in Oz


For someone who has not raced a DH bike in nearly a decade and a half, I brought mine "newish"in mid 2012 and is a 2012 model. The guy who brought it initially and built it up only owned the bike for a month, he wasn't a fan nd decided to sell it on. The price was almost criminal for the build spec he had on it. All reasonably high end parts, he just wanted a quick sale. Score for me. I have only had the pleasure of 1 race meet and a shuttle day on the bike, but the bike is super stable in the air, isnt afraid of being thrown sideways, is predicatable in corners and loves to hug the ground through the snotty stuff. Compared to what DH bikes I had previously, this bike has proved that the sport and discipline has come along in leaps and bounds in my time away from it. My only regret is that I cannot ride the bike as fast as it wants to go, it rails corners perfectly and there are not too many of them around where I live (although I race with 2 other Makulu owners with mine being the newer bike. One of my few gripes with the bike is that it can be tricky setting up the shock, an issue I have now sorted through speaking with another Makulu owner and tinkering with the LBS owner while on our shuttle day, now the things rips and I need to take a break from work to go riding!

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