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DQ them, Barel's experience means he should know better

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Nice whip bro. And nice riding. Was it you that came downunder to the 2W enduro in Rotovegas in Feb to kick our kiwi ass's?

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If that's just one trail, then I crown the builders the greatest on this planet.

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I couldn't say I WAS a fan of either fat tyres or hardtail trail riding but... Dude!

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chuuur ...a dragging a drop bar, that's shredding

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as we say in the antipodes... chuuurrrr.

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Call me officer Jon Baker


The Good: Where do I start. Light, comfortable, cool, the vents look funky and actually work better then other similar priced lids. The colours are groovy, comes with two sets of pads, parts like new visors (see below) are easy to come by and I feel like I'm in the CHP. Most importantly I feel bloody safe in it for my sort of riding.

The Bad: In a high speed crash the visor shattered and took a little slice outta my nose. However, to be fair to the manufacturer, I had already cracked it showing my daughter how it folded in a crash. It was unbolted and I wasn't gentle.

Overall: I bought this as until the POC lids came on the market but they have lost themselves a customer. While there is not too much to protect in my melon this lid was well worth taking a punt on. It sits comfortably on my noggin and the protection down the back certainly doesn't impact on the cooling, particularly in New Zealand's muggy summers.

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Aotearoa reprezent

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Are Diamondback sponsored by Air New Zealand or is the white koru on blue background a copyright infringment?

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