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Nice bike! Any thoughts on how the slacker dropouts change the ride? Do they give you enough added clearance for a 27.5 wheel?

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Got any time on this yet?

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The exact question I've been wanting to ask! Building a 27.5 bike that will see an even number of park and trail days. The metric seems to be the only real option. Rainmaker here I come!

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I believe it's the other way around.

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Absofriginlutely incredible


The Good: Efficient, snappy, easy to jump, versatile, playful, stunning looks, beefy frame, Threaded BB, ISCG tabs, dropout options

The Bad: Standard sliding rear drops


Amazing frame! This is a perfect slope/park/jump frame that's truly versatile. If you live near local tight playful trails the option to run gears and a guide open a world possibilities. I don't have local trails like this but do have some great slope, slalom, and jump lines. If you want to stay planed to the ground this isn't your rig. If you want to fly the Killswitch is incredible. The rear shock does it's job without getting in the way. It's a nearly perfect frame. The only thing I could imagine changing would be to design a tensioner into the sliding dropouts. These are standard and work perfectly a intended so this is a pretty minor quibble. Overall it's tops. Get one. They're amazing

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Sweet build! 275 Carbine with XX1 is the route I'm taking later this year. What wheels did you put on there?