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Stoked to see him back in WC's there's so much talent and wisdom to just be making youtube videos. He should be a good leader for a team with a lot of younger talent.

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Good thing we come here for the mtb news, and not the crafty puns...

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Love the Marc Beaumont pick up! That guy has been in the circuit longer than almost all the other team combined I think. Great opportunity to bring some veteran experience to that team.

Added a comment about video Digging Rampage 11/30/2015 3:59 PM

Probably one of the best insights into what goes on during the entire Rampage event! Love this perspective, really shows the adversity that is faced by more than just those that are riding... Gotta love Rampage!

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Originally grew up in northern california, and always loved spending my time at Trail Head in San Jose, right before hopping on 17 from 85, so always a great stop before riding somewhere in SC. Haven't spent as much time at Scotts Valley Cycle Sport, ... more »

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It would make sense, Yeti is known for developing riders until they are "too big" for them to support. I don't think anyone expected Rude to come out as strong as he did this year. If anyone has a major increase in value after this season it is him. ... more »

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Hey Not quite what you're asking for, but I think its something you could look at. I've broken both wrists a few times to a point that holding on hurts on a long ride sometimes or a day in the bike park. I'm also terrified to put my hands down when i ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 1/13/2015 10:59 AM Of all the team rosters Aaron Bradford is nowhere to be seen. Could he be doing skipping out on or partially competing the EWS this year?

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Did the rules change regarding wearing a full face during timed stages?

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"Rule #700: Quit trying to get sponsors" Truth is if you ride your bike and ride your bike well, and can display a positive image for the sport through media and just being a good guy when your out there and at the races. Then you will get the attention ... more »

Started new thread 26/650B is to DH as 250/450 is to Moto? 2/24/2014 2:10 PM

After reading some thoughts from the pro riders that are running 650B bikes now and seeing their thoughts on the pros and cons of it. Does anyone else think it would be interesting to see if we not just raced jr and pro, but had seperate classes for ... more »

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This is just speculation but isnt this the first we have seen of a 650B fox 40? Do you think we may see teams like the syndicate or the athertons showing up to PMB with 650B wheels?

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Brook Macdonald is on a 650B bike for national champs, probably see this at PMB

Added a product review for Race Face Narrow/Wide Chainring 11/6/2013 12:45 PM

Awesome Product not XX1 Priced!


The Good: Not an expensive option to running a single ring, dont have to buy a whole xx1 or xx0 set up to run a single ring without a chain guide!

The Bad: Need to make sure that the chain is tensioned properly otherwise losing a chain will occur


I was very impressed with my Raceface narrow wide chainring. I purchased a 32 with hopes to upgrade to a 34 once i started pedalling a bit more.  Stupidly I didn't re tension the chain after switching from a 2x setup,  I used a roller to keep the chain more tensioned and it held up well, I lost a chain twice without it properly tensioned.   Once realizing that I needed to take a few links out of the chain, I was never able to lose a chain.  Considering if you want to run a true 1x setup with no chainring you need to buy a sram xx1 or xx0 setup I was much happier paying the 40 bucks to get this, rather then the grand+ to get the sram setup!

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What about Needles brother? Hasnt he been on a Morewood for quite sometime now?

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Lets also just get through the fact that most DSLR bodies are capable of getting the shot, the biggest thing in photography is how good a lens you got! Not to say a body isnt important but the lens will make a much bigger difference...

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Ive been on Nikon all my photo career, although necessarily not by choice my dad is a Nikon Professional Photographer so to switch to Canon with so much extra Nikon resource would seem stupid. I think the new big thing in deciding what DSLR manufacturer ... more »

Added a comment about press release Aaron Gwin on Trek, Full TWR Gravity Team Announced 11/9/2010 7:47 PM

The switch from Yeti to Trek I think was predictable and better for Gwin as the top american rider. Yeti has brought many riders up to the top then they moved onto a new team, look at leov and blenkinsop winning his first world cup then later moving ways to La Pierre. Gwin will receive some good guidance behind Whiteley in a way that probably wasnt given to him by Yeti (not that Yeti isnt a good team).. Once it comes time for the World Cup season look for Gwin to be more of an explosive racer on the circuit then he has already once been! Its also nice seeing Gwin and leov as team mates again, I think they worked well together and were able to feed off eachother, another thing Gwin didnt have with a Yeti team mate.

If I had to predict the next Yeti World Cup rider I would think the possibility of them signing a deal with the new U.S up and comer Tyler Immer. They are well known for bringing up good talent to try and support them to go farther, look what they did to Joey.

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