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Started new thread Trail building series 1/5/2015 12:38 PM

Hey everyone, I am wondering if there are any trail building video series out there like peak to creek, I recently got hooked on it and love it!

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Added a comment to troy's bike check 11/22/2014 5:42 PM

Wow! Really cool! I like the use of a BB (or two of them in this case) as bearings! One question though, (not trying to citizen but just wondering) why do you have the bottom arm, the one in witch the upper chain pull runs, so far back, does it make a smoother linkage, or create the suspension kematics you were looking for? It just seems like it chain stay length way longer! But very cool build! Love the Cromo!

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Added a comment about video Nick Pescetto Films I Reel 11/17/2014 2:33 PM

Super rad!!! One of the better videos I've seen sense in my opinion Gee Milners 2013(? I believe) edit

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Added reply in a thread Clearly The Silliest Bike Helmet Ever Made 11/15/2014 7:54 AM

Great more stuff they want to throw on the bar, ill have to find a spot for it with my breaks, shock remote, dropper post, and shifters

Added a comment to utopiaarch's bike check 11/15/2014 7:50 AM

Do you like the grips? And would you recomend them?

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Added reply in a thread Suspension 11/12/2014 7:34 AM

As long as its a 35 its all standerd tubes I believe (ie the abilty to upgrade to the fast black), so their air spring should be compatible.

Added reply in a thread Suspension 11/12/2014 4:08 AM

Dirk: remeber suspession is always a tradeoff. I recommend riding wide openrebound then all the way closed and justride with each of those then go in one click each way untill you find your middle point then you decide if you liked the slower or fadyer ... more »

Added reply in a thread Suspension 11/6/2014 12:13 PM

Big bird, I agree suspession is a personal matter but there is a point where it is too wrong and most people dont know how to achieve the feel they want!

Added reply in a thread Suspension 11/6/2014 7:11 AM

Tyler- your best bet will be to disassemble the fork and see if there are any broken peices or take it to your lbs if you don't feel comfortable. A oil change and good clean could do some good. What fork is it? Fabrice- what fork is it?

Started new thread Suspension 11/4/2014 6:09 PM

Hey everyone, so I was scrolling through the interwebs and noticed how poorly peoples suspension looked and what people where saying about how bad they felt their suspension was working. About a year ago now I bought the racetech suspension bible and ... more »

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Added a comment to Etian's bike check 11/2/2014 9:38 AM

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Added reply in a thread MTB/MX pumpkins 10/31/2014 9:24 AM
Started new thread MTB/MX pumpkins 10/31/2014 9:23 AM

Post your raddest pumpkins here!

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Added a comment to tmano2's bike check 10/29/2014 3:42 AM

27.5 or are you running 26? And also what geo position is it in?

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Added reply in a thread Need help to choose a bike. Please help! 10/26/2014 8:51 AM

If you like the light weight dirt jump (freestyle) approach then you might want to look a t a full suspension slope style bike. I have ridden the nukeproof rook with both a 100mm dirt jump fork(fox 34 831 K) for bmx and around town with minor trail riding ... more »

Added reply in a thread time for a dh bike? I have a FR and all mountain bike. 10/23/2014 7:35 AM

What is your general budget? And check out transition tr500, has both a 180 park setting and a full 203 dh setting

Added reply in a thread how did they over paint the letters? 10/22/2014 6:43 PM

Go with the clear coat it will be heavier butdont worry at some point or another you will be glad its only the clear coat that came off and the the graphics

Added reply in a thread Camera Mounts on Helmets: Potential Safety Concern? 10/16/2014 5:53 PM

i ride dirt bike enduro and in that there are low hanging branches, one race i snagged my gopro on a branch from above, my neck was a little sore and i learned my lesson but i believe that as long as there is thought put into placement about conditions ... more »

Added reply in a thread Red Bull Lawsuit Means You Could Get $10 Cash or $15 in Red Bull? 10/14/2014 3:59 PM

Those stupid people need to go drink a red bull and hit up Whistler or try to find a life.