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Added a product review for Spank Spike EVO 777 Handlebar 6/21/2013 4:12 AM

Great Bars


The Good: They work well for their intended purpose, they come in many colors, they look cool, they come in different rises, they are wide, they provide a great place to put my grips, shifter and brake levers.

The Bad: They are not free, they suck at chopping down trees and while you may think otherwise they do not make for a good eating utensil.


I purchased these new for a FR bike build I did over the Winter. I also went with the Spank Spike 55mm stem. The bars are wide and I do club the occasional tree when riding very tight single track but this does not bother me, it's all part of the game right. I have also used these at my local DH park, I would buy them again.

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Added a product review for Fox Racing Launch Knee/Shin Guard 10/1/2012 3:41 AM

Excellent Product


The Good: They fit, they breath, they protect, they do not move.

The Bad: did I mention they do not move :-)

Overall: I have used these for both trail riding and lift assisted riding. I highly recommend these. The X-Strap setup magically keeps these things from moving around. I don't know why Fox does not use this technology on all their guards (buddy has a nicer more expensive looking set and he can't keep them up on his leg to save his life). My only complaint which probably is not a valid complaint is that my legs would get hot while trail riding (pedaling) but really only notice this on hot days which I think is to be expected. For lift assisted riding they are perfect. I would buy them again.

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