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Added a product review for Deity Compound Flat Pedal 10/18/2013 12:09 PM

Deity Compound Pedal Review


The Good: Light, cheap, rebuildable

The Bad: Could use a few more pins for grip in rugged terrain


I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of plastic pedals. As a BMX and hardtail rider they've always seemed sufficient, but do they provide enough grip for trail use? A few months ago I was introduced to the Deity Compound platforms, which have since dusted all of my notions that plastic pedals don’t belong on the trail. They have to be done right, of course...

Spec Highlights

  • Nylon fiber composite body
  • Heat treated Cr-Mo spindle
  • DU bushing and double micro sealed bearing system
  • Replaceable Cr-Mo pins
  • Black, purple, green, and red color options
  • Weight: 339 grams
  • MSRP $48

Right out of the box, I was fascinated with the nylon fiber composite material, which felt both stiff and light. The pedal threads on through the crank with a 6mm Allen wrench, meaning one less tool to carry when traveling. The removable Cr-Mo pins appeared aggressive, but nothing that made me fear for the welfare of my shins. The vivid red color also really tied the whole bike together.

I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of swapping out my tried and true metal platforms in favor of a plastic option, but these have since proven to be unbeatable for street/park/dirt jumps. Even in my skate shoes, I always feel confident with my footing and the purchase on the Cr-Mo pins. What really surprised me, though, was the pedal’s performance on trail. I spend most of my time on dry, rocky, technical trails that try to grab your pedal every stroke. This has always been a struggle on my Specialized Enduro with its relatively low bottom bracket; every time my metal platforms touched rock I received an ugly jolt. I was blown away at the forgiving nature of the Compound’s material - whenever I caught a rock under the pedal it seemed to slip smoothly over the rough surface. During descents, the conservative pin placement allows for easy foot adjustment and a really intuitive feel.

Initially I was concerned with the absence of pins from the middle of the platform, but after running them I have come to enjoy the freedom to easily move my feet on and off the pedals. This is why we run platforms in the first place, and rarely do I find myself wanting more grip. Only in fast, loose, rocky sections do I occasionally find my feet getting bounced around.

One thing that seemed out of place were the two plastic pins on the crank side of the platform. It seems like there would be a way to offset these pins which would allow the use of removable Cr-Mo pins rather than plastic. However, the plastic pins haven’t worn down which suggests they don’t see much of my shoe or the ground.

I have been running the Deity Compound pedals on both my hardtail and trail bike for nearly six months now and they are one of the few things on either bike that still feels brand new without any maintenance. The sealed bearings never gave me any trouble, and even after a lot of hits the action is still smooth and predictable. The platforms themselves have taken a ton of hits, and although they are starting to look beat, they have not cracked or broken and are as stiff as they day I opened the box.

One neat feature is the option to rebuild them. Removable pins are a standard for anything with a higher price tag, but in an inexpensive package like this they're greatly appreciated. Also, suppose you manage to shatter the body or maybe you just aren't into that beat up look. With an extremely reliable, durable, and removable spindle, one has the option to get a replacement body for just $18.

With the support, durability, and smooth action, the Deity Compound pedals provide an intuitive feel on both hardtails and trail bikes. In my mind, this lightweight and inexpensive offering from Deity is the standard go-to pedal for anyone running platforms.

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