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Honest opinion? Really didn't get on with the air double barrel on this frame, its just too progressive. The avalanche fork was mind blowingly smooth and easy to set up, the shock was the opposite, and even at 50% sag would never reach full travel!
I also put a BOS void on the back for a week for a laugh (their am air shock) and that was actually really good!

An avalanche at the back to match would be my preference.

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Sick bike... are you sure that X.0 carbon cranks are going to hold up to DJ abuse, though?

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I've got a rear mech made from an xt shadow, a 105 road mech, and some jockey wheels from an old chain guide, a 6 speed cassette made from a few i had lying around and some bb spacers. I've made the shock bushes fit by attacking them with a drill and dremel. I've got a home made compression mod on my chris king headset to lower the stack height....

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well its quite heavily modded as its a non shadow road cage that needed to clear a shadow mech body, but essentially you need longer limit screws to limit the movement more. the 6 speed cassette is in the middle of the freehub too (better chainline), so my lower limit screw is also a longer one to stop it shifting off the bottom or the top

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