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In retrospect, that comes off as a little harsh. It's just that I feel guilty about the potential closing as you and your crew probably know the trail through me. The builders showed me the trail and said that I could show my close friends, but keep it quiet and local. One of my friends let loose at a bike shop and now it seems the world knows. Your probably tight with that shop owner. Perhaps you were low-pro and respectful when you rode it. I hope so. You may be none of the problem. Call it Crack Shack, because that's what it's called, just don't call it Crack Shack on a World wide internet forum.

Big Bird left a comment 7/8/2011 10:58 AM

From what I heard on Wednesday, we call it closed down due to blatant overuse by out of towners. I asked the builders that I know and none of them know anyone from Livermore. There was a Forum thread by the admins not long ago about not posting the names and locations of illegal trails. I guess you missed it.

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what do we call that trail then

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no i dont mean worlds, do u guys think it could be at a non lift MT ?

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where would u like to see the world cup held if it was to move out west ?

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i'am going

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