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ButterMan. Nice work keeping up with VanDerSteeze. By the way, I thought you were a grown man. But judging from your joyous boyish giggles in that video I'm now thinking more like junior high. Well done Sir. And apparently, well done Rocky Mountain.

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the gap between gwin and minnaar is the same as the gap between minnaar and 15th place. unreal.

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I assure you that BH designs and develops all of their own bikes. BH international HQ is in Vittoria, Spain, but BH's research and development center is in Foothill Ranch, CA (Orange County) and all of their product comes out of that facility. This DH rig is, as Vital assumes, a test mule. A very figured out test mule, but a test mule none-the-less. Keep your eyes peeled for more good stuff coming from BH's MTB line up.

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Oh my goodness... Lee Trumpore, Eddie Clark - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing this. This is so incredibly beautiful, thoughtful, amazing. Will would be blown away. Thank you for honoring my boy in this way... He loved you guys - this whole community. Peace and love, Will Olson's girlfriend, Bonnie

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and no elastomers gosh

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