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I can't say too much about the technical function but it is three preset levels of compression based on from our athletes and our engineers. Not to be confused with CTD, our system changes the low-speed compression to work with pedal input. Though preset, the actual high and low SC can be adjusted independently as well. The track selector basically gets you a happy medium to start from depending on the terrain and riding situation and from there you can play with other settings as well.

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I guess the morale of the story is that it's hard to beat volume procurement for deals. This project thus calls the concept of saving up by building your own into question. Kudos for trying though.

I would be very interested to see this bad boy pitted this against some of the cheaper stock builds to see what would be the net value besides being able to spec and build your own bike. (Which actually is a value in itself, at least for me

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The project is not a failure... As Vital and everyone else has already pointed out, there are deals to be had out there. For the budget shopper that waits for the deals this could be a cheap custom build... It will be interesting to see how the custom build with hand picked bits compares in performance to the budget bikes like a Norco Aurum 6.3 or a Specialized Status.

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I'm surprised some of you call this a failure. No way was it a failure. Yeah, it may not have had value as its primary focus, but look what it taught us so far:
- OE budget DH bikes have a ton of value comparatively. You can save as much as $1,800 in some cases by shopping the showroom floor, which means you have a lot left over for upgrades and replacement parts after.
- Branding plays a major role when deciding on components. Even though the focus was keeping costs down, we willingly chose to spend extra on components of another brand that we perceived as better. We all shake our heads in wonder at how people can buy Enve when there are so many other great options out there, yet we showed the same behavior with this build.
- Cheap bikes can still look good and color-matched. I have spent some serious time and coin to build color themed bikes where all components compliment each other, yet this value-focus, randomly assembled build actually looks pretty good - better than some factory assembled options even.

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@ChrisG Great effort in applying sound engineering judgement. Your approach is good though your conclusion leaves out a number of factors. We have discovered that the new rear triangle is actually STIFFER than the old bike, through both controlled lab testing and field testing. This was achieved by oversize tubes, specific carbon layup, the addition of 2 bearings, upsizing of 6 bearings, wider bearing stance at the pivots and the rear square axle. All at reduced weight.

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Quarq's previous generation mountain bike power meters were built on a 120/80 BCD and used an external electronics pod. The SRAM XX1 power meter - arms, power meter spider and chainrings - has been designed from the ground up for SRAM's 1x drivetrains and X-Sync. It has enhanced precision, integrated electronics and an IPX7 waterproof rating (1 meter depth for 30 minutes). Full details at Eurobike and Interbike. Troy Hoskin - Product Manager, Quarq.

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is turman falling over or is it cedric?

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