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Yes, Shreddy Awards are back! They make winter better than Christmas does.

EDIT: Vital, I have a request. Will you make a single posting that contains links to this year's Shreddy Award pages? I remember last year having a hard time finding all the videos and then keeping track of what I had watched or not. The Site Search function just doesn't cut it when you are searching for groups of similar content (e.g. Shreddy Awards, Test Sessions, etc.). Cheers.

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Liked a comment about feature First Look: 2015 FSA Mountain Bike Wheelsets 12/19/2014 12:31 PM

While we are on the subject of wide rims...

I would really like to see you guys do a front tire test with a 30mm internal rim..something like the specialized traverse fatty sl...I had/have been running an HR2 2.4 up front and it works great. After reading a review of the ibis rims with Minion DHF 2.3's I picked up a pair. After mounting them I was a little wary being that the casing was literally wider than the tread but I figured the unnamed reviewer on the unnamed website knew what they were doing. Long story short it was pretty much unrideable as a front tire. It was great until you actually leaned your bike over....I washed the front end out 3 times in one descent on my favorite trail..one that I ride for months on end without a mistake. I've ended up running those minions in the rear (good thing I go through 13-14 rear tires a year) where they worked fine, but I've been hesitant to stray from the HR2's in 2.4 as a front now..Would be interested in seeing what else works well with a wide rim by someone who can actually corner hard. I see people running a Specialized butcher on the 30mm rims but I'm not sure if it's the 2.3 or the bigger sizes in DH casings??

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Page 62, points start at 10th place with 1 point and go up to 30 points for 1st.

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I have a couple AStars Tech Tees and they are very nice. Their description that it feels like a t-shirt, but stays dry like a jersey is pretty accurate. The only drayback is that the fit is just a little short. I normally wear an XL for jerseys and can dip into a Large for TLD stuff if I'm not wearing armor, but the AStars Tech Tee fits more like a L/XL (or TLD Large). If it had just a little more length while keeping the slim fit, I would give it a perfect score. The subtle graphics are a nice plus as well.

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man... next they're going to make it illegal to drive my electric car down the sidewalk.

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Wow. That was the most cohesive frame review I've ever come across! Kudos. Plus, I like that the writer took an approach more to the layman than what a pro would be seeking in a bike.

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