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and no elastomers gosh

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This is the best video that has been produced in a while, not for the riding but for the pure human element. There is nothing better in life than overcoming insurmountable odds just to do what you love with people that matter. Huge respect to all the people in the video and massive respect for Martyn. This made my week! Go out and ride your bike because it is awesome and because you CAN! Love this video!

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Great article. I've always been a bit nervous about opening up my shocks and tinkering but after seeing how simple it is I will give it a go. Nice work Brandon.

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This is a good article and a good representation of the value of the Bottomless feature. This should enlighten a lot of folks who feel they can get more from their suspension.

I want to add a pro tip: in slide #17 where the rider is using a socket to remove the top cap, that socket has had the chamfer on the inside edge of the socket lip machined off. If you use an off the shelf socket, the chamfer will prevent the top cap's hex from seating deep enough in the socket and top cap will be damage/stripped when tightened/loosened. If your socket has not had the chamfer machined off, use a wrench until the top cap can be turned with fingers.

Pro tip #2: The negative chamber on Debonair shocks is huge and it does not equalize with the positive chamber until well into the stroke. So when Brandon advises cycling the shock a few times after filling it from empty, he means it. You will likely have to cycle the shock, add a lot more air (because the negative chamber took much of it), cycle again, add some air, cycle the shock, and then add air. By the third cycle (pun!), you should be close enough to your desired pressure that you can just add air without the cycle, generally speaking. It takes me three cycles and fills from empty before the two chambers reach an equilibrium close enough to my desired pressure, even if I overfilled the first time, but I weigh a lot and run a lot of pressure. Also, these cycles can quickly be done on the shop floor -- no trail time necessary to get the two chambers to equalize.

Edit: grammar and clarity.

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Now that the whip-off's gone corporate, maybe it's time for 'chainless-timed-training-world-champs' in Switzerland? Care to lend us some beer money, Gordo?

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To be honest, this came from another forum user during the whole Trek to Specialized "letter of intent" debacle.

After todays events, it seemed appropriate to revive it. You're welcome.

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