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Right, theres always more than one way to skin a cat, I would be curious to see back to back comparisons between both products, see which is more accurate, and which is more easily used with their corresponding app.

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A day late and a dollar short as usual while this quick moving world rolls on. I've digested a lot of information since the event(I attended) and have privately discussed this matter with some individuals, even had dreams about it. As an athlete that has competed/managed at the highest level and has tasted some level of success, I feel like I have a moral duty to comment on this issue from my perspective.

What's my worth?

I always aspired to be the fastest person down the mountain. I wanted to win! The lifestyle surrounding the sport kept me involved and interested. In the beginning I worked throughout the winter, and found a flexible summer job so I could compete. Over the years I got better, started to understand how to be a professional and eventually managed a national level team. I understood what a partnership was and how to provide a service in return for support and product. That was the main concern, just receiving enough product and support to be remotely successful. It took me a long time before I realized that I was selling myself short as an individual and didn't understand my true value as an athlete. I was uninformed and uneducated as an athlete, and was part of the problem as I risked my life, for a free ride and some minor financial support. This mindset created the current status quo. Why should sponsors include a salary, insurance and other benefits, when the majority of top level athletes don't ask for them!

This process took over eight years of competing at the pro level for peanuts, sure I enjoyed it and I was having fun, but, I had this realization of self worth as an individual seeking support for the 2015 season.

To create a salary baseline I wanted to see for myself what others in my profession at the same or higher level were being compensated, so I bluntly asked many of my peers and the results were revealing, and all across the board. Athletes being represented, or that knew how to communicate well with their partners were creating a living for themselves, but this was the minority. Many of the sports elite were just happy to receive product, travel and support. They didn't realize, like myself, that we were devaluing not just ourselves, but the sport as a whole. I advocated to all of them that it was important to realize their worth, and to not settle the next negotiation cycle. Better yet, seek out someone with knowledge, and have them represent you as an athlete. Create a budget, show your potential employer how it stacks up, as many partners don't understand the financials.

I don't want to get long winded, so I'll wrap it up and keep it simple. Athletes across the MTB spectrum have to value themselves, plain and simple. If they do not, the risk will always outweigh the reward at the pointy end of the stick.

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Ok, cool. I'm running a bit higher pressure than you (185psi) and 2 clicks out from full slow. Never run a Monarch before so I was a little surprised how much rebound I ended up with during the first couple shakedown rides. Good to know I'm not crazy.

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seriously, first proflex stops using elastamers and now this

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thanks axa. And I apologize for the rudimentary state of the website. We will have production bikes in April and the website will be a work in progress in the meantime. Expect a lot more pictures, action videos, etc. Hopefully it will all make it easier to understand. But nothing tells it like the ride, so maybe a few sneak peak test rides might appear here and there?

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Thanks for sharing, Vital! Glad you guys are stoked on it. Since you're probably vid dorks like me, here's my process:
The sun had been up for about 30 min when we were dropping in. The footage from 2 hours later is much less impressive, in terms of footage quality.
Filmed (on GoPro H4Black) @ 2.7K Superview x 30fps. Protune, flat color & auto white balance. ISO 200 I believe, and -.5 exposure compensation (in effort to try to prevent highlights/sun from being completely blown out, but that tends to happen during compression upon uploading to the web.)
I reviewed and trimmed fat & GP studio and converted the files to the Cineform codec, keeping them at full size.
Edited in Premiere on a 1080p timeline with the footage scaled down. Did a really quick job of color correction in premiere.
I tried exporting in Media Encoder and Premiere Pro and quality seems equal. The export from Premiere is approx 1.2GB, and Vimeo compresses it to about 150MB... that's the step where it goes from looking super clean to "ok". Hope this helps people slay the internet.

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