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The Tuesday Tune Episode 6 - High and Low Speed Damping - Part 2 This week's Tuesday Tune follows up on the last episode's focus on High and Low Speed Damping and delves into some setup concepts to be aware of. We take a look at the practical ranges ... more »

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The Tuesday Tune Ep 4 - Springs vs Dampers This episode covers the fundamental differences between springs and dampers: _______________________________________ The Tuesday Tune Ep 5 - High and Low-Speed Damping Adjusters - Pt 1 Here's the basic theory

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Or maybe a newer version is near?

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We all start somewhere! Good luck with the Giro shoes. They make a good product.

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I'd avoid dirt jumping in clipless pedals, especially while you're learning. That dirt all over you could've likely been avoided. Try flat pedals. Many people also use flats on trails (I do). They're awesome. Best Flat Pedals:,1485 ... more »

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Nothing beats a skate-style SPD shoe when it comes to all day comfort and being able to walk around/hike when needed. They typically have a more casual look, higher volume, and more relaxed fit than the traditional MTB shoe, plus they don't have any ... more »

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I can see this being very region specific. Areas that have fewer places to (legally) ride and more people likely share your sentiment the most. That said, some of my favorite places on earth have an incredible sense of discovery to them, and I think

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This. This is how you become a better rider.

New thread Transforming Tall Bike to Chopper Bike 11/11/2016 12:04 PM

How wild is this thing?! It transforms from a tall bike to a chopper bike with the push of a button.

The builder, Rako Bikes, used a full suspension mountain bike frame and gas springs to pull it off. See how it was made here. Inspired? What ... more »

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Looks like a...

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Let's embed that bad boy for easier viewing: The O'Show rules. Always a treat to see him ride (if you can keep up!).

New thread Paralyzed Monkeys Walk Again 11/9/2016 11:37 PM

Researchers are now moving towards human trials."Two monkeys who had suffered a spinal-cord injury have had movement restored in their paralyzed leg and regained the ability to walk. The study published in Nature, used an implantable device, termed brain-spine interface, to decode signals ... more »

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New thread Sam Blenkinsop Wins New Zealand DH Race on What May Be the New Norco Range 11/9/2016 1:08 PM

In September, Norco teased new Range and Sight models slated for release in early 2017. Norco Factory Racing rider Sam Blenkinsop was recently seen piloting what may be a prototype Range to victory at a race in Port Hills near Christchurch, New Zealand. Studio Latawiec was at the event and managed to snap

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Tuesday Tune #3: Air Spring Volume Spacers "Air springs and volume spacers are one of the things we get asked about most frequently. This week on The Tuesday Tune we're use real world spring data to take a look at exactly how volume spacers work, how

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Reply to Fox DHX2 vs Fox Float X2 11/7/2016 11:01 AM

What shock do you currently have? What do you like about it? What do you dislike? Answers to those questions will help us give you better advice.

Reply to Pivot Phoenix sizing advice 10/30/2016 11:20 AM

Steve Wentz and I, two testers here at Vital, prefer bikes with reach measurements right around 430mm when combined with a 50mm stem. Steve is 5'8" and I'm 5'10". The medium Phoenix Carbon slots in at 428mm. Provided you don't have an overly short torso, Medium is the ... more »

Reply to Tuesday Tunes with Vorsprung Suspension 10/28/2016 11:41 AM

For those that missed it, here's a look inside the FOX Float X2 and Cane Creek DB Air CS shocks. Steve's discussion includes the major similarities and differences between the two, plus well educated opinions about durability and function.

New thread Tuesday Tunes with Vorsprung Suspension 10/28/2016 11:38 AM

Vorsprung Suspension has kicked off a new weekly tuning video series. Based on their prior work, you can expect them to be very informative. First up is an explanation of how Fox Float air springs have evolved over time. Pretty clever work on the latest iteration!

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New thread Robin Williams Collected More Than 100 Bikes, 87 Are Up For Auction 10/21/2016 11:13 AM

Who knew comedian and actor Robin Williams was such a cycling fanatic? Turns out he collected over 100 bikes during the latter half of his lifetime, and 87 of those are being auctioned in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

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