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Welcome, goos3! Be sure to check out Vital's collection of 2015 race coverage from the World Cup DH Series and the Enduro World Series. The 2016 season kicks off in March/April.

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Singlespeed as well. Man legs!

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Two rather funny ones in this week... so hot.

USPTO Application #20160025164 by Shimano Inc. - Rotor cover, rotor cooling apparatus, and temperature-level indicator "A rotor cover comprises a cover portion and a mounting portion. The cover ... more »
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After goofing up my ankle several years ago, I typically look for something with good ankle support. The high top Five Ten Impacts were a favorite for a while, for example. I also like a hard toe as smashing them into rocks can really hurt, but have ... more »

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Wow. Nicely done! Here it is embedded. Click to enlarge.

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Nice! Good to see someone out with a shovel. Keep up the good work.

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All that length and still just a few very brief seconds of hang time. Impressive that the best in the world can get it so sideways and straighten it back out in that amount of time. 45 to 50-ish sounds about right for the largest one.

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Good find, Varaxis! Here's something drivetrain related from Shimano. Looks like they're taking into account a ton of factors to spit out that final optimal gear. Patent application #US20150321084 by Shimano, Inc:

Bicycle setting calculating ... more »
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Nice! Here's a link to the frame listing in our Product Guide. Simply click the review tab below the frame photo and fire away.,7/Evil-Bikes/The-Insurgent,16916

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We really appreciate you wanting to contribute a member review! In the coming days we'll add the bike to our Product Guide. Do you have a specific build kit from Evil, or are you hoping to review the frame?

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Some more details...

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SUPERFAN! Loved that guy. Always stoked.

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Yikes. They're really cracking down, huh? Thank you for the heads up. Heard a rumor that upper Anderson was plowed for a fire break?

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I typically stack dirt with a spade, then switch to a flat head shovel for shaping and packing. When it's time to pack, the dry dirt technique can work well as Spomer mentioned, but also try smacking and smearing the dirt at the same time. You kind of ... more »

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Specs and photos of the bikes would be helpful, just so we can see their current condition and give you a more accurate opinion. Welcome to DH!

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The plot thickens... From Canadian Cycling Magazine: Did corruption lead to the construction of Rio 2016 BMX and mountain bike venues? "Brazil’s attorney general is investigating charges that a construction company paid bribes to a legislator to secure contracts to build ... more »

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Looks like SRAM is working on some more durable chainring technologies: Patent Application 20150362057 by SRAM, LLC Clad chainring - "A bicycle chainring, including a generally annular body formed

... more »
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Explain your Rampage podium shot technique:

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Sign me up for New Zealand. So good.

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*Moved to "Off the Bike" forum