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Maybe have a generic parts kit that you bolt on to each frame to better compare the actual frame and suspension characteristics from model to model. It would give me a better idea of why this bike is better than that bike.

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I've considered making the trip, but its like 6+ hours whereas Windham is less than 2 and doesn't require a passport. I'm sure it would be worth it though. Calling it now, Peaty to start an EWS team after he washes out of DH. Since enduro is for washed-up, ... more »

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I was wondering the same thing, what does this mean for the team? Heard rumor about Peaty stepping down to allow a young American to step up. If only Windham were on the schedule this year, I could see Peaty ride one last time in person

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I think he's from the East coast. It would be pretty sick if he did though.

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He could always ride for Morewood, based right in Pietermaritzburg. Proving Minnaar can never have enough wood

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Tough to tell with Graves, but why would Yeti just build up a "fresh weapon" for Jared to ride if he's out? Whereas Brook is still on the same wheels he's used all season

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I read he broke his ankle but rode down to the bottom and will not be competing. I also read that T Mac knocked himself out and won't compete either.

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Which would be the preferred crankset, the Sixc or the Next?

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Great overall tire


The Good: Great traction, low weight and dependable

The Bad: Knob wear and side knobs give too much on hard packed corners


The Hans Dampf is a great tire. I ran the 26x2.35 SnakeSkin TrailStar compoundon the front of my bike and was rewarded with great traction and low weight. Tubeless setup was simple, with no problems. The HD was a giant step up from my stock tire; insane amounts of grip and confidence. The only issues I found with the HD was on flatter hard packed turns, the side knobs would give a bit earlier than anticipated which was usually not pretty. The general consensus on the HD is the wear rate on the knobs, which I would agree with. They wear quickly, but as long as you go into the game knowing that, its not really a big deal. I'm curious to see the difference between the Super Gravity casing and the HD I used. I've been on a Super Gravity Magic Mary for most of this season and I really like the strength of the casing over the non SG casings. I'll have to give a Super Gravity HD a whirl next season and see how it goes.

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Great traction for you rear


The Good: Awesome traction

The Bad: Swiss cheese for rubber, far too many puncture problems.


Don't get me wrong, I loved this tire for the rear. Great uphill traction on anything and really good braking . Hooks up well in the corners and all that great stuff. The problem with this tire (for me) was I was always tearing the sidewall and putting holes in the tread. Before I decided to part ways with this tire, I had 7 patches on the inside of the tire, 7. I can't remember the last time I flatted that many times in a season with tubes and I ran this guy tubeless the whole time. The final straw was whenI warped the tire on a ride and I created this weird hopping feeling and hump in the casing. Apparently, this is a common thing with Continental tires from what I've read on various forums. With all that being said, I switched to a German tire company that begins with S and probably won't be on top of another Continental tire again. Depressing, as I really like the traction of this tire. I used the 26x2.2 black chili with protection casing for those curious souls.

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2012 GT Force Carbon. The aluminum version has 3 tabs but I only have the 2 lower tabs. I still haven't had any issues running only 1 bolt so all is well.

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Keep on ridin'


The Good: Keeps your chain, cost effective, simple

The Bad: Doesn't come in blue, pink or that new Bronson color of the year


Long story short, when racing I have (had) a tendency to drop the chain; like a lot, even with a narrow-wide. A worn chain and sprockets more than likely didn't help my cause, but I bought one of these puppies and have been handsomely rewarded for my efforts. Through two normal riding days (which I rarely ever dropped chains anyway), a race practice day and the actual race; I can report no dropped chains. The guide came with everything needed to get up and running. Set up was supereasy; I didn't need any of the spacer for the chain line. My only problem was that my bike only came with 2 ISCG tabs, so I ran the guide with only the lower mounting bolt. Magically, the one bolt has done a great job of not allowing the guide to move at all. In all honesty, along with new grips and a tubeless conversion, this is one the best under $50 purchases you could make.

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Marco Osborne penalized?

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Still confused as to why Ryan Seacrest is breaking up bar fights in a Santa Cruz t-shirt. He rides bikes!?

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Gwin 3:28.78
Carpenter 4:04.47

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Manon Carpenter 5:28.34
Aaron Gwin 4:32.78

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