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Solid DH/FR Stem. Literally


The Good: Clamping interface, 35mm length option, recessed bolts

The Bad: Weight and looks


I bought this stem because I was really looking for a 35mm stem, and this came in at the price I was looking for. This is one of the few DH/FR stems that comes in 35mm, and doesn't cost and arm and a leg. The clamping interface around the bars is what I like most about it. With other stems featuring a front facing faceplate, when the bars are clamped in, it leaves a gap between the faceplate and stem body, causing stress points on the bar. With this stem, clamping forces are distributed evenly all the way around the bar, eliminating the stress points. Especially if you are running a carbon bar, this is something to consider. The downside to this stem is that it simply looks 'blocky'. It doesn't have the sleekness that many other stems have, instead looking like this came straight out of the CNC machine. The weight is also more noticeable because it just looks heavy. The recessed bolts in the stem clamp are a nice touch though, and saves bare knees from being skinned when accidentally smashed up against the back of the stem. All in all, if you aren't too particular about the looks or weight, this is a pretty good product.

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650b wheels

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Giant shows off their new camouflage technique for their 2014 proto bikes, while Andrew gives a thumbs up because they finally started to produce his signature seat. "This will be all the rage at Crankworx next year!"

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Things we need more of: hotass cheerleaders. That definitely was something new and welcome.

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"Why does it look like I'm wearing a diaper?"
"Oh my bad, I'll just tuck that into your Lycra and nobody will know!"

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the linkage and the rear triangle have been changed. the linkage moved back to right against the top tube/seat tube gusset

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Updated bike check brian.pisani's Norco 4/26/2012 11:50 AM
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way to bring back the music

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Aaron Gwin 4:10:05
Floriane Pugin 5:11:05

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I must people need me.

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I wish we could film for this...takes a long time to build a working pumptrack out of snow

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Looks like reigns are old school. Next year Santas going to be switching to a carbon sleigh for those lightning quick deliveries.

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How about the people who race for fun? I am by no means a super competitive guy, but I like to race just for the feeling of being with a bunch of other people who like to ride similar 2 wheeled contraptions

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If my owner wasn't so busy watching this movie, he would have realized that I'm a male, and this collar is cramping my style.

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i ride easton bmx polycarbonate pedals. They are a bit thinner than other poly pedals and i find that actually having a little less grip for pumptracks helps a bit because your feet are moving so much more.

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Just as long as my hands stay death-clamped to these grips I should be okay!

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Just watched it. i was a bit disappointed that most of it was people crashing. there were lots of huge tricks thrown over the years. Gees' huge hip transfer, berrecloths' run, all were missed in the show. awesome that the sport is getting recognition, but show the awesome that goes down instead of the gnarly crashes.

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just another idea, why not run a dual ring setup with a chainguide? Pedal up in the small ring and then let gravity take over and never worry about dropping a chain in the big ring.

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If only Graves would have picked his bike back up instead of cursing his fall he probably would have finished 1st

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I don't get it Gwin made it look so easy!

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