Added a product review for Crank Brothers Iodine 11 AM Riser Handlebar 2/4/2013 10:25 PM

Comfortable, Durable bars


The Good: -Comfortable -Great Vibration Dampening -Durable -Perfect amount of rise for XC/FR

The Bad: I guess should come in different lengths to support different styles of riding


I ran these on my '08 Turner Sultan in an FSA alloy stem and they worked great for harder XC and freeride.

Awesome vibration dampening, good rise, had no complaints. I like twitchy bars so the 680 width was awesome. Stable, comfortable bars. Pretty durable too. They did crack on a major crash, but to be fair I am 6'7" and 190 lbs, so I have no business with carbon anyways. Took an impact of 35 mph directly on the outermost left grip to produce a hairline crack. Wish I could say the same for me (double snapped collarbone, 2 broken vertebrae, collapsed lung).

I would recommend these as budget friendly carbon bars to anyone

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