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Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about. Top-level dealers for the big 3 (Trek, Giant, Specialized) make 35% at BEST on bikes. Trek is taking 20% of this which leaves the bike shop 30% margin before taking into account all overhead. 35% profit is generally accepted to be the tipping point between profitable and not. A 30% STARTING point spells doom for the shops where you can go to check out new bikes and parts, where you go to test ride, where you have your bike serviced, and where you speak to your local expert. Just sayin'--online shopping doesn't offer any of that.

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what's the spec on that?? syndicate team bikes aren't that light.

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Sure, it's ridiculously light, but how practical is it for it's intended use? XC weenie wheels on a 6" trail bike? No dropper post?

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How slack would you want this 5.7" travel bike?? 67deg is right in there with the HD, Nomad, Bronson, Remedy, Dixon, is slacker than the Reign, and just a bit steeper than the Enduro--ALL of which (except the Dixon) are longer travel bikes.

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it is the same trail as the Jamie Goldman Santa Cruz ad. Spot is Syncline in Washington. Trail is called 'Crybaby'

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