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It's a totally different set-up to DW link. GP-Moto Link is what One Ghost refer to it as. As a 2012 Musashi owner I can tell you the bike is wicked fast and really fun.

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otherwise known as the TR450.

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sweet, lets throw most of the weight up high and give it an axle 29 inches off the ground so it jumps like shit. Better hope where you ride it is all rocks and roots

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Well, I don't have any super amazing bike crash stories but I do have a rather humorous tale of blind dates, ice skating and how horribly wrong things could go.

It's probably 1995/6. I had been working a at record shop in Columbus OH with a buddy of mine. There used to be this silly hot little hippy number that he was friends with that came in all the time, now imagine it's '95 I'm in fullbore I go to hardcore shows mode, choker, tattoos, basically all of Boston.. The was a brunette domestic short hair, great curvy little body but still slender and fit. Im sure the inside of her pants probably looked like the black forrest though but I never got quite that far.

After some time of hemming and hawing I finally asked her out, having not spoke to her much it's basically a gamble. She's a hippy and I hate hippies. But She has something I badly want so Im willing to cast my ideals aside and go for it. My buddy tells me that she had recently talked about wanting to go ice skating. Im game if it'll get me somewhere and having played youth hockey I thought I can do this no problem. Herein is where the problem lies. It's been almost 14 years since I've stepped onto a rink.

We get to the rink, were flirting, playing grab ass. Im locked onto her ass like a great white after injured seals. We start playing tag. Somewhere deep in my man brain the competitive desire to win take over. Not just to win but to see my enemies driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women.

As she's chasing me, in manbrain this happens, "slide stop, she'll shoot right past you." In reality, I simply pile drived the side of my face and skull into the ice like it was a icebreaker in the arctic sea.

I'll take this moment to fast forward to the parts of the story I have recollections of. I distinctly remember, coming to boarded of on a stretcher soaking wet, I fondly remember ordering fast food in the back of the ambulance and having the doctor tell me about how my brain was swelling and they would have to relieve pressure. back to sleep tough guy.

Now i'll jump back to the ice and why I was soaking wet. As Conan here drove his dome into the ground I guess his brain went all bouncy ball inside the skull knocking him out and giving him a severe concussion. the ice bitching slapped my zygomatic bone in half and blew the side of my head/temple open. The end result of all these things was a massive amount of blood. So I guess (as she told me in the hospital) I began to have seizures. Kinda like the scene in Alien when they beat the android to a pulp. So here I am flopping around like a fish outta water in my own blood and puke while everyone on the ice rink gather to watch the last moments of someones life ease away.

At the hospital, after being given the news of the seizures by said girl and hearing doc tell me about the drilling of my skull (potentially) hippy chick stands up and says to him "I dont even really like him that much." and exits stage left.

A long evening and day in the hospital being scanned and checked on, im released with a good amount of narcotics and a head that looks like Eric Stoltz in Mask.

I trying calling girl a few times to just say im alive, I get no answer. She subsequently stops talking to my friend and ceases coming to the record store. We all laugh it off.

About a year later leaving some sea monsters house at 5am and staggering home as I see none other than hippy chick jogging. From about 20 feet I see the moment she recognizes me and panics. Her cadence get fucked up and she looks immediately down.

I make sure to laugh out loud as she passes.

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ahahah I kept typing googles. idiot.

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