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Added a product review for Geax Datura Tire 6/14/2013 6:21 AM

Geax Datura 2.2


The Good: Traction for miles! These tires are predictable in almost all situations. In muddy condition they have all the traction that could be asked for and clean out once you get the speed is above a crawl. Loam trails are that most fun with traction that could be considered overkill, you'll be leaving dirt bike sized corner ruts with these, and breaking results in quick predictable stops. Sand traction is also really good.

The Bad: All of this traction can result in a bit of rolling resistance on all mountain efforts, it becomes noticeable on long sustained flats and uphills. Large damp or wet rocks provide difficult riding at slower speeds I have the hardest compound tires. on hard pack high speed trails there is a sort of floating or drifting feel but I mean high speeds like in the 30+mph range, and even with this feel the drifting is predicable and iv never lost control.


I really have a blast riding with these tires they feel like dirt bike tires and inspire a lot of confidence going into corners. They are some of the best tires I have used for new England style trails that are either loam, mud or sand andvery rarely hard packed. The only characteristic of these tires I don't like is the slow speed traction on rocks the massive treads just get unpredictable. This isn't enough to make me change tires because at high speed your normally jumping rocks and flying into corners where this tires shines and at slow speeds a kick out over rocks isn't catastrophic. I would highly recommend these tires for some one who like to shred trails and rides a lot of loam, you'll want to stop and see how big a rut you left behind on good corners !!! Id say three stars is fair maybe the softer compound versions solve the rock and hard pack issues but this isn't one tire for all trails just a really fun tire for most the trails around me

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Added a product review for Pivot Firebird Frame 5/12/2013 5:21 AM

11 Pivot Firebird Frame


The Good: Just a great ride all around. I had previously always ridden freeride bikes SC Bullit, Iron horse 7 point, this bike not only blows them away on the long rides, flats and climbs like I had expected, but even with the RP23 it blows them away on the decents. I did a parts swap from the older bikes so all the credit really goes to the frame Im starting to feel slow again because I cant get the bike to a speed where it feels like its out of control. It even manuals and 3 hops/drops as well as my old set ups which I built more for that.

The Bad: The 11 frame has the old 135x10mm rear axle and the wheel I had was quick release which I couldnt get tight enough to get the stiffness I wanted ( low end sram hub) out of the rear end. I converted the wheel to bolt on a now problem is solved.


The Setup is 11' Pivot Firebird Frame w/ RP23

RockShox Totem Solo air

WTB Dual duty wheels

Geax Datura 2.2 tires

Holzfeller Cranks/Bottem bracket

Boobar/ hussfelt stem 55mm

Hayes Nines 208mm

Sram x7 group w/ shimano xt front(had to be e type)

Blackspire stinger chainguide

This frame really does defy logic, being a winter build project it was ready for spring before a lot of the more burly trails in the area were. So I got to take it on some long hilly rides on atv trails. First thing that stood out immediatly was how well the bike held speed and pedaled, and climbing was no longer a granny gear affair I can push as hard as I want  while seated with no penalty, stand up to get the pace a little quicker and only a little pedal bob is noticable. At this point I was assuming that all these more XCish benifits would make the bike not as enjoyable when the going gets fast. This is not the case so far I'v done all but one of my benchmark sort of practice downhill trails and this bike is just plain faster by a lot. Straight line speed is better and more stable, air time predictable and smooth, and in the corners I cant  seem to get it slide out, it just keeps traction and speed , as long as I keep good form. All in all this is a great bike real fast real fun, Im no pro, but I been riding for a long time and this bike is really taking my all around speed to another level.

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