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I do miss East coast tech.

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dammit maxxis release the skin walls for alllllll the tires.

Added a comment about news blog FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Red Bull Rampage 10/14/2016 3:06 PM

Stoked for Conor and Carson. Looking forward to big things from them both!

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The last slide says it all, thanks for the incredible coverage all year long! Can't imagine all the hours, late nights and early mornings that went into bringing the races to us. Thanks to all involved!

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when you just have to send it fakie through the gnar

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Thanks for the shout out! While I've never been to Interbike, trade shows like SEMA have also gone downhill. I think part of it is due to manufacturers not having to wait for conventions to announce the latest and greatest. Also, there's a lot of talk ... more »

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I feel like the slogan of Interbike should be, "Come find your next bandwagon to jump on."

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“This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons.” - Ricky Bobby

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Gee made the right choice for his health and safety. Bernard is no slouch and should be pumped to be called into action.

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DVO should put your Diamond decals into production.

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