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What's your take on the Ardent Race? I'm looking at picking one up.

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So clean!

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Cheers for the critique, SDMTB'er.

I assure you that there are no biases toward the big boys vs the little guys. Vital has featured many very positive reviews of boutique brands, advertiser or not, including a handful of bikes made by Pivot.

There are a few distinctions that you should...more

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Damn Love it!!! any potential of a slow mo. of the tire folding prior the explosion?

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It's crazy how Cladio is more popular than most of the actual racers.. I really look forward to seeing his previews..

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That trail would be way out of my level I'm sure, but it looks like it would be insanely fun to ride.

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I really enjoy these videos. This video could just as easily be titled "how to make the same old ride less boring" or "how not to be a pussy." I love doing all of those things when I ride the same old trail for the thousandth time. Good tips all. Thanks team Vital + Art.

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That's a fly bar on your bike! check the closeup of the stem..

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I see what you did there...

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This is in my opinion the perfect trail bike. Looks like too much fun!

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So clean!

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Thanks for another candid review. As a side note, what pedals are those?

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We've written many honest reviews. Just take a look here: http://www.vitalmtb.com/product/main?discontinued=true&page=9&scope=by_vital_rating

We're considering a feature where each of the test riders picks their favorite bike for various types of...more

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Dang that looks good! Curious to hear you're thoughts on the fork!

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