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I've about these euro tubes, but I would think that they would be shit for grip because they wouldn't allow the tire to wrap around rocks and roots: http://www.eclipse.ch/new/Tubes.html Jared Graves would often run a ghetto tubeless setup that used a ... more ยป

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@tmano2, customers and fans still want and like a subtle black helmet that matches anything, but a fresh pinstripe design makes it different. You can't please everyone, but change is good.

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Try an Atlas. I'm a firm neck brace believer and thought the Leatt was the best because it was the original. The Atlas braces are much more flexible, therefore load distributive, lower profile, fits kids to taller adults, comes with two different styles of straps, doesn't put pressure on your spine or collarbone, and is easily washable!

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NO! everyone stay at the resort. everything else is crap. I swear you're not missing out on anything...

good good... hopefully that worked.

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Another option:

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Slow speed skills are over looked these days. Nice work!

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People finding this track suitable for a world championship really need to find out what this sport is about.
This track was acceptable in the 90's,not today by any means.

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Winners never cheat and cheaters never win.

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Claudio needs to do all the course previews, that was sooo entertaining.

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Make it a quad!

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Well if you can't make it as a real rider, make fun of them and keep beginners out of the sport... that'll be good for the sport.

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Could Telonics be more overexposed? For f!ck sake, there's dozens of world class DH trails nearby, shoot something different!