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That's some real shit! Bike park groms are crying to sleep.

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Short chain stays, 203mm travel, low seat height. Pick two.

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Both very slick bikes! Nitpick, mean cranks rotated?

So smooth without the lower pulley. More small bump and less chain feedback!

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So sick! The best content as usual

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Any word on 27.5 x 2.8 DH casings coming to life?

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finn and brendog looking totally dialed, and long live the vx1k!

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Yes a bit of that Pudskies.

A full spike is usually not needed unless it's total a mud bog. The tall knobs tend to float and wiggle on rocks and fold in hard packed corners. When cut to an optimum height the open tread design with lower center knobs bites into the soft, slippery dirt well..

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Trail bikes are longer, more stabile and the cross over between DH and enduro parts are pretty similar. Everything about the bike has gotten significantly better in the last 5 years. So in general, people feel more confident in their equipment and can ... more »

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If you need to use grip shift for the pull of the cable in either direction, and you need two cables, why not replace the grip shift with a left and right thumb paddle shifter? That would seem a little more ergonomic to me. Grip shift seems to be one more reason why the masses don't like gearboxes.

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Shocks are tuneable, but if you have a bad kinematics the overall performance can't be good. For instance, if your suspension is severely affected by braking forces there's nothing you can do to solve that with the shock settings (nowadays it's rare to...more

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Unfortunately, yes...maybe. Try wrapping the inner diameter of the rim with a few turns of gorilla tape. It will make the tire bead and rim tolerance tighter. Use a lot sealant and a compressor.

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That was enduro as fuck.

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Luca Shaw on Specialized with Troy?

Matt Beer and Kirk McDowall Ride Dead Dog on Mount 7
(Member Blog)

12/19/2015 9:56 AM

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The attention-whoring is reaching new levels.

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It will have its applications. Sometimes I want 2.7" tires for DH and Gwin, Kovarik and Peaty used that combo a lot on 26 (when they were available). They will be great at lower speeds and help beginners ride tech stuff easier, but they have this kind

... more »
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For the Pacific Northwest, it's hard to beat 2x 2.4 High Roller 2s EXO tubeless on the trail bike and the DH casing tubeless as well on the DH bike in the wet months. Not as predictable as Minion DHFs on hard pack (bike park) though. Shortys on the DH ... more »

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Hi Dave, I know you're not part of the drivetrain segment of SRAM, but what is holding back the majority of bike/component manufacturers from thinking inside the box (gearboxes that is)? Do you think it's just a matter of dollars/ numbers of derailleurs ... more »

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Wow, slow day at Vital or what??

I dropped a big dump this morning, in case you want to put up the official announcement.....