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Aaron Gwin 4:43:567
Racher Atherton : 5:19:563

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One hell of a tire


The Good: I've been riding with the Racing Ralph (2.1 x 29) for almost 6 month now, and I have to say its a really good tire, I got them in my Giant anthem x 29, and since the first ride i noticed the good grip, of this tires, when climbing it has a really good traction and keeps a fast rolling speed... when it comes to hitting down the trials I was really surprised, they have a really good grip when going down, I've tried them on dusty trails as well in moody ones, and they work really good

The Bad: Well its hard to find a negative thing about this tires, I will say it might loose grips sometimes in really fast corners, and the wear-out fast.. in the last 6 moth I've changed the back tires twice and the front once ( I ride my bike 6 times a week, around 30km each day)


The Racing Ralph its and excellent all round tire, its will keep the traction while climbing without compromising the grip when you hit the trails....Its probably one of the best tires i've tried I will completely recommended to any one out there... totally recommended to a friend...

In addition I can say I've tried otherSchwalbe tires, like the Muddy Mary, in my DH bike and its a REALLY good tire.... thumps up forSchwalbe, keep doing great tires

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Does anybody know, which is the song, on the sram add?

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